todo list for exhausted mamas

To-Do List for Exhausted Mamas

Welcome! Please see my disclaimers page for information about affiliate and medical disclaimers. Enjoy your visit!All of us mamas have experienced that bleary-eyed exhaustion of sleep deprivation with a brand new baby. Some of us have dealt with exhaustion from longterm sleep problems like a colicky baby or our own insomnia. Then there are those Read More

Why Christians Should Quit Social Media

Christians and Social Media: Why Consider Quitting

Let me start by saying, I don’t think social media is inherently evil and I don’t think being on it is sinful or wrong. BUT, it’s important to consider something beyond it. Like how we could be spending our time, rather than mindlessly scrolling through news feeds. As Christians, we know we’ve been given this Read More

Quit Social Media

What Happened When I Quit Social Media

(Note: This post is meant to be a loving kick in the pants, because I want the very best for you! 🙂 ) I feel many of you cringing just from reading the title. The very idea of deleting all your social media accounts makes you feel angry/scared/panicked and you want to throw things at Read More