I am, most importantly, a believer in Christ and I see everything through eyes that know that our Creator loves us and is intimately involved in our daily lives. None of the “passions” in my life fall outside of my relationship with Him, so don’t be surprised if I mention His amazing gift of comfrey or how the food He gave us can’t be improved upon by scientists!

My husband, Kevin, and I have been married for ten years! We went zip-lining for our anniversary (WAY FUN!!) Kevin and I met on my sixteenth birthday and we didn’t see each other again until he made a quick trip over Spring break to visit me in England in 2001. On day five of his visit, he proposed. I’m thinking that story will need a post of its own.

We have a five-year-old girl, who has chosen to go by the name of “Pumpkin” for blogging purposes. We welcomed our second daughter “Babykins” at the end of November, 2011. We had a beautiful birth in our home with a midwife attending.

I’m one of those people that just jumps right into whatever I’m excited about. Learning is one of my main passions. I LOVE to learn! I might border a bit on obsessive when I get excited about a project, but something really wonderful usually comes out of it in the end. My current obsessions/interests are:

Although I call my blog Creative Christian Mama, it isn’t primarily about arts & crafts. I believe that we are all meant to live creatively, since we were designed in the image of God, the Creator. That creativity can manifest in different ways for different people… but I KNOW that this is a post in and of itself!

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Disclaimer: Any mention of herbs, medicines or natural healing is from my own experience. I am not a doctor and cannot dispense medical advice (though I’d be happy to tell you what I’d do in any given situation).

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  • Hello,

    I’m the assistant of Jenni Wilson who runs a small growing blog through momessentials.net. We were wondering what your advertising information entails (Price wise, e-book products that could be reviewed, & giveaways). Thanks in advance for reading this.

    -Brittnay J. Barnes

  • Tiffany Stone

    do you have any natural home remedies for constipation? it’s for my 2-year-old daughter.

    • For immediate relief, some organic prune juice diluted with warm water should help. For long term, if it’s frequent, she probably is having trouble digesting something she eats regularly. If it was one of my girls, I’d first make sure she wasn’t getting any artificial colors/flavors/additives or highly processed foods. If that didn’t help, I’d remove all dairy except for cultured (yogurt and kefir) and give it a week to see if that’s the problem. If there was still no improvement, I’d remove all dairy and then try removing grains for a week. That would be a mostly meat, eggs, fruit and veggies diet and it *should* take care of the problem. After that, I’d add one category back in each week or two and see when the problems start again. My best guess would be processed dairy (pasteurized milk, especially) or a diet that is too heavy in grains for her digestive tract.
      I hope that helps! 🙂

  • Rebecca Buhrle

    I have not seen recent pictures of your farm house and I would love to see them. I’d love to see the remodel.

    • LOL! That’s because we’re mostly working on things under the house, like repairing/replacing duct-work and insulating pipes. The crawlspace is so tiny that there really isn’t any way to get good pics of what my fearless hubby is doing. 😉 I promise to start posting pics again as soon as we’re doing anything above ground! Thanks so much for your comment, Rebecca!!

  • Pat Richards

    I have tried to order your products, however each time I put something in my cart it tells me is is out of stock. Can you please help me? My Email address is above and I will wait to hear from you Thank you

  • Laura

    How did you added raw egg on the gaps diet. I am very nervous about it and dont have a local farm to get them.

    thank you

    • Hi Laura! With the way that store-bought eggs are processed, I honestly would not trust them to be safe. I would suggest waiting until you can find a local farm where they allow the hens to be free-range and don’t feed them soy and antibiotics. Here is a great website to help you find somebody in your area, but also farmer’s markets (when the weather is warmer and they are open) are a great place to buy them, if you’ve checked out the farm to make sure the chickens are healthy. It’s often more convenient, since they are in town. 🙂


  • Would like to subscribe to your blog. Bless u sister!

  • Cassandra

    Hi! I saw one of your previous blog posts about raw milk – and am looking for a farmer that can provide my family with some. Can you point me in the right direction. Rawmilk.com was a wash for us. We are in the Sioux falls area. Feel free to shoot me an email. Thanks so much!!!

  • Holly

    I didn’t read the directions all the way through and added my store-bought cold milk from the fridge to my buttermilk I just separated when I made better. What can I do with this mixture now?

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