Being Thankful When God Says, “No”

There are so many things we have wanted that we didn’t get. Things that we prayed for many times a day. Things that we were sure were the very best things for us. God said, “no.”

Sometimes, we were confused. Sometimes, we were frustrated. We were disappointed. We just knew that what we asked for was right and good and best. We KNEW.

Slowly, we began to look back and see… maybe our plans weren’t exactly the best thing. Maybe God had a better plan than we had. If He had just given us everything we had asked for, we would have missed out on so much.

If everything had been easy, we wouldn’t have grown.

If everything had been what we were familiar with, we wouldn’t have learned.

If everything had gone the way we were comfortable with, we wouldn’t have had to trust God.

Looking back, now, we can see how much God blessed us by telling us, “no.” Sometimes, it was, “no, for now” and sometimes is was just, “no, I have something better for you.”

We’re learning to be thankful when we hear, “no.” We’re learning to trust that He knows better than we do and that, sometimes, “no” is the biggest blessing He gives.

Happy Thanksgiving!

8 thoughts on “Being Thankful When God Says, “No”

  1. Lauri Plum says:

    I started to really get discouraged lately. We have prayed for years for another child and as a result I have had 4 miscarriages. Last one 2 years ago and my age is now catching up to me, so my hope has left me. Last night at church someone gave a testimony and stated how prayers get answered…. Under my breath I said, sure they do, sometimes with a NO!!! My husband heard me and agreed. I was sad for a while. Now, I you have reassured me that God knows better and he has his reasons for saying NO. I don’t understand and probably never will, but he knows best. I knew all of this, but now I have the thoughts back in my heart that he does know best. Thank you so much for this. Happy Thanksgiving to you

    • I am so sorry for all your loss, Lauri! There are some things we can look back and see as being what is best for us, but other things are harder and we have to just trust in who God is, because we can’t see the good from where we are standing. We don’t know why He does or allows some things, but we do know that He loves us and He is good. We know that He will never leave us, nor forsake us. We know that He will wipe every tear from our eyes. We know that He is always with us. I can’t even imagine how hard it has been for you and your husband to lose those four little ones, but God does know and He is the ultimate Comforter. I prayed today that He will comfort and encourage you, Lauri! *hugs!*

    • Lauri, I just wanted to give you a virtual hug. I’ve lost four babies and for years would refer to my uterus as a uterine graveyard where babies went to die. It was so hard. My heart aches for you. I just prayed for you and hope God fills you with His peace. hugs!!

  2. Lauri P. says:

    Justyn and Kristy,
    Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for your kind words and heartfelt comments. I am thankful for seeing this post and for your comments back to me on Thanksgiving Day. This reminds me of how thankful I am for my daughter and my husband. I know God does knows best. Thank you for reminding me and helping me. I can relate to your uterus!! At least we know they all went into the arms of God from that spot.

    I am sorry to hear about your losses too Kristy. Hugs back to you both and Happy Thanksgiving!!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this, Justyn. Today, I had on my mind how many people must be grieving today and having a difficult time finding something to be thankful for when WE have so much. I’m very grateful for all of our blessings…our family, warm cozy house, good food and lots of laughter and fun. There are so many out there that cannot claim the same blessings.

    • Thanks, Loran! Some years it can seem so hard to find things to be thankful for and having hope for the future is the best encouragement. Happy Thanksgiving to your family!!! <3

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