Berkey Water Filter Review- Our Experience

Most of us in the natural living community have wondered about what is in our water. Is it safe? Is it healthy? What about bacteria? Nitrates? Fluoride? Other contaminants we’ve never even considered?? Are we drinking more than “just” water?

What about cheap water filters from the store? Do they get all those things out, or are they only able to help with some of them?

I asked myself all of these questions, and more. When we moved into a rental here in South Dakota, they had a “surface well” with the most horrible water I’ve ever tasted, smelled or bathed in. Our clothing smelled horrible from washing laundry in this water and none of us could stand to drink from the tap. I was concerned that, along with everything else, it could be dangerous to our health.

I bought a water testing kit and learned that, along with being off the charts for hardness, the water had unsafe levels of nitrates and nitrites. These can come from fertilizers, animal manure or septic tank seepage. Yuck! I began searching the stores for a water filter that could reduce those to a safe level, but there was nothing in the local stores that could filter out any of the nitrates or nitrites. So, against every belief I have about bottled water being horrible for people, we started carting home bottled water. We used the hard plastic bottles and refilled them with filtered water at the local grocery store. It was the lesser of two evils, compared with the well water, but I was very unhappy about it.

Then, I was contacted by More Than Alive and they sent me a huge blessing- a Berkey Water Filter! Berkeys actually reduce nitrates/nitrites tremendously, bringing them well into the safe levels we needed. Berkeys also remove or greatly reduce other contaminants, such as heavy metals, chloride, bacteria, viruses and (with specific filters) fluoride. At the same time, it leaves the healthy minerals that our bodies need, unlike reverse osmosis water filters. It drastically improved the taste and smell, too!

The Berkey is so effective that it can be used in emergencies or during travel to places with unsafe water to filter water for safe drinking! We’ll be taking our Berkey when we go camping- fun!

*Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

3 thoughts on “Berkey Water Filter Review- Our Experience

  1. Barb McKinley says:

    Wow I know what you mean! I once lived in an area where the water smelled bad and what can you do? Especially when doing laundry. Way back then we used a reverse osmosis for our drinking water, but it was expensive and rather inconvenient.

    • It was pretty frustrating and we are so thankful now to live in our own house with a good well. We are in an area with naturally high fluoride levels (so we use the fluoride filter), but the water smells fresh, which is a huge blessing! 🙂

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