Fall Crafts and Decorating Round-Up

Who else is inspired by this crisp whether to pull out the craft supplies and decorate?? I love fall-themed crafts and I’m hoping to do several new ones with my girls, this year. We’ll pull out our Stained-Glass Leaves from a couple of years ago to hang in all the windows (if I can find them… maybe their in the storage unit??…) and then we’ll try some of these fun ideas from other blogs!

Debra at Sweet Kisses and Dirty Dishes is my hero when it comes to creative wall art! See that Thanksgiving definition plaque in the picture? That’s her creation and I l.o.v.e. it! πŸ™‚ She also has some adorable little Fabric Pumpkins in a guest post over at Homemaker’s Challenge.

Love this idea from Stacy at Stacy Makes Cents! They have a “Thankful Box” that they pull out every Thanksgiving. I think we’ll decorate one and […]

Frugal Bookshelf & Storage Shelf Update

This is such a frugal and easy way to really make a bookshelf or organizational shelf special! After lining the kitchen shelves in our new (to us) 1940’s farmhouse, I had quite a few scraps of this pretty self-adhesive shelf liner left over.

When I started putting together this organizational shelf to tame the supplies for my online store, I decided to line the back panel with the shelf liner. If you have a shelving unit that’s already assembled, you can either remove the back panel and line it, or carefully measure and cut the liner to fit while it’s still assembled. Here are a few tips to help…

For units where the back panel slides into groves, rather than getting nailed or screwed on, measure the panel and add 1/4 inch so that the shelf liner can fold around the edges. This […]

Sense of Sight: Color Game

This is a fun and mess-free way to teach color blending to children! Both my girls had a wonderful time playing, and my eldest learned about how mixing two different colors creates a third color.

What You’ll Need: One-gallon zip-top bags Acrylic paint (use primary colors, the first time) White paper Tape What To Do: Carefully squirt several tablespoons of each color of paint in different parts of the bag. Leaving as little air as possible in the bag, zip the bag and tape it to the table with a piece of white paper underneath. Explain how mixing two different colors will create a third color. Have your child choose two colors and ask what color they think will be made when they are mixed, then have them mix the colors. After all the color combinations have been made, the paint bag can be used for “drawing” shapes and […]

Cute Pencil Container

You may recognize this picture from my “Decorating Your Homeschool Area” post. My four-year-old, Pumpkin, and I made this adorable container a few weeks ago and she has been using (read: abusing!) is ever since. It has held up beautifully and shows no signs of wear-and-tear! It’s being used to hold school and art supplies, such as markers, colored pencils, crayons and paintbrushes. Wouldn’t you like to make one? πŸ™‚

What You’ll Need Any shape container (circle, square, oval, rectangle) with sides that are perpendicular to the table (meaning they aren’t angled in or out). It must be at least half the height of the pencils you will be using. Pencils: They must be unsharpened (otherwise you’ll have a weapon, not a container!), but feel free to get really cheap ones. It doesn’t matter if they aren’t the best for writing. Ribbon that will go […]

Making a New Mama Basket

One of my favorite things to do for a new-mama-to-be is to create a new mama basket. Baby showers tend to be full of baby clothes, baby blankets, baby toys… everything for the baby. I love to pamper and celebrate the mama!

A new mama basket can fit within most budgets and it is perfect for personalizing. There are some things that I include in all of them…

Read the rest of this post over at The Humbled Homemaker!

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Decorating Your Homeschool Area

Whether you have an entire room devoted to homeschooling or your kitchen table doubles as school space, you can make learning more fun with a little decorating creativity!

Continue reading this post over at Modern Alternative Mama!

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Homemade Chalkboard

This is such a fun and easy project! Your kids will love being able to color inside with chalk during the wet/snowy winter months. If you homeschool, this is a fabulous tool for children to use to practice their letters!

How cute is that?! I bought a wood wall plaque that is 11×14 inches, so it’s big enough to provide plenty of writing area, but it’s also small enough to stand on end in a bookshelf for easy storage!

What You’ll Need Wood Wall Plaque: Make sure there are no cracks. Fine Sandpaper Chalkboard Paint Acrylic Paint (for the edges- I used a glossy red one) Sponge Applicators What To Do Gently sand the surface of the wood to make sure there are no rough spots, then wipe of any dust with a rag. Paint a smooth coat of chalkboard pain on the face of […]

DIY Blackout Curtain

My girls have been waking at the crack of dawn, lately. Ladies, I am NOT a morning person! Something had to be done. As many of you know, I’m also not crazy about my little sweeties being exposed to unnecessary chemicals. Whatever store-bought blackout curtains and shades are made of, they stink to high heaven. My guess is that those fumes are less than wholesome, so…

I made my own blackout curtains! Before you say “I can’t sew!”, don’t panic. All you need to do is sew two straight lines. Promise!(Don’t worry, that curtain doesn’t stay up there during the day.)

Why Make Your Own Blackout Curtains? No stinky fumes! It’s easy. It’s fast. It’s pretty cheap. These can be taken down for daytime. S.L.E.E.P. (need I say more?) What You’ll Need: Black fleece at least 12 inches wider and 10 inches taller/longer than the window Suspension rod Sewing […]

Pretty DIY Bookmarks

This is a household of avid readers. We sometimes read as a family (the “Chronicles of Narnia” or the original “Winny-the-Pooh”) and we often read on our own. One of our favorite things to do as a family is take a trip to the bookstore and just hang out enjoying some good books (and the train set that’s there for the kiddos!). Sadly, I never think to buy bookmarks for all of that reading! I am a hopeless sticky note addict, and years ago I began using sticky notes as bookmarks. Functional, yes, but not very pretty. And, besides, I never have sticky notes to write lists on if they are all stuck in books! Today, we changed all of that.

How beautiful is that?! And it was so quick, easy and cheap! Pumpkin (that’s my four-year-old’s blogging name) and I made ten bookmarks in just a few minutes […]

DIY Herbal Shoe Sachets

Stinky shoes? Whip up a few of these and your shoes (or your hubby’s shoes, wink-wink!) will smell fresh and clean.

These instructions may seem a bit vague, but I wanted to do this project with things we already had. It’s meant to be a frugal project for using up leftover material scraps, thread and herbs, but feel free to go buy the supplies, if you need them. πŸ™‚

In some of these pictures, you’ll see two pairs being worked on. Both are for my hubby (note the “manly” material I found! Hehehe!), one for his work shoes and one for his everyday shoes.

What you’ll need: Material that is at least 4 inches wide and 14 inches long, for each shoe. For larger shoes, you can make them bigger, for child’s shoes, adjust to make them smaller. Natural materials are always preferred over synthetic. Thread that […]