Establishing New Holiday Traditions

I am so excited to announce that my hubby and I are part of the contributing team over at A Biblical Marriage!! This new blog is all about encouraging couples to keep their marriages Christ-centered, and we’d love for you to pop on over there! 🙂

“A blend of holiday traditions that are unique to your family can be such a wonderful way to create warm and close relationships with your spouse and, later, children. Whether you are newly married or have been married a few decades, consider making your holiday traditions more intentional this year!…”

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How to Make Healthy Holiday Food Choices

Some of the most common things I hear just after the holidays are over are all the comments about how much weight everybody gained from all the good food. I’m not a proponent for obsessing over food. I don’t pig out and I don’t starve myself. If I want a piece of chocolate cheesecake, I eat it and I enjoy it. No guilt.

One of the ways I am able to thoroughly enjoy my food without worrying…

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New Life

I love that we celebrate the Resurrection of Christ in the Spring (here in the States, anyways). There are so many beautiful reminders of new life in God’s creation. Just today, we saw…

Butterfly drying it’s new wings in the sun

Flowers opening Plants emerging from the ground Leaves unfolding

“For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made…” Romans 1:20


He is risen! 🙂


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Tin Foil Snowflakes

This is a family decorating tradition passed down from my Dad’s mom. It’s a fun project that the whole family can do and your house will look stunning if you fill every window!




To start, lay out a square piece of tin foil and place a tissue (if it’s two-ply, separate it and use half for each flake) from the center to one side.







Fold the left side over to the right










Fold the bottom half up








Start at the lower left corner and fold the left third of the square towards the middle







Again starting at the lower left corner, fold the right third towards the center





Real Foods Christmas Gifts

I love to give and receive homemade gifts! There is just something so precious about the time, thought and effort that goes into them. We’re keeping things very simple this year due to a new baby in the house. Below are some ideas that we have done in the past and some that we are planning for the future (so, if you’re family, pretend you’re surprised on Christmas, okay?).

Also, be sure to check out the links to the other Modern Alternative Mama bloggers at the bottom of the post for more homemade gift ideas in the

Home-grown Herbal Teas: We did this last year with our chocolate peppermint. Yes, CHOCOLATE peppermint. It’s a variety that is actually a bit difficult to find at the nursery, but it is soooo worth the effort. Once dried, it makes a naturally sweet tea that is perfect for Christmas […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is my first major holiday as a blogger, and here I sit, the night before, with no idea what I want to say. Honestly, I had expected to be taking care of a brand new baby by now. I have so many things I’m thankful for, but isn’t it easy to get caught-up in the hectic daily lives we all have and forget to “give thanks in all things”? So, I’m going to take this time to just slow down and remember some of the ways God has blessed me and my family recently.

I am so thankful…

for my precious family. My husband and daughter and this new little baby (coming soon). that we got whooping cough BEFORE the baby was born and that she will have antibodies to protect her from it. that my parents live near us and have been such a huge help while my […]

Real Foods Party Food: Marinaded Goat Cheese

If you want a beautiful, flavorful Real Foods recipe to bring to a party, this is it! Marinaded Goat Cheese can be spread on bread, crackers or veggies. If you have any leftover, the goat cheese rounds are delicious stirred into mashed potatoes.

Also, be sure to check out the links below to see more Real Foods Party Dishes posted by my fellow Modern Alternative Mama bloggers for the


one 6-ounce goat cheese “log” one sprig each fresh rosemary, thyme and marjoram 1 tablespoon mixed peppercorns (lightly crushed with the back of a spoon) 2 cloves garlic 2 bay leaves 1 tablespoon coriander seeds olive oil (good quality!)


Finely chop the herbs and mix them in a shallow dish with the peppercorns Cut the goat cheese into one-inch rounds Roll each goat cheese round (like a wheel) in the herb and pepper mixture and set it in […]

Real Foods Thanksgiving and Christmas: Leftover Ideas

This is the second week of the Modern Alternative Mama’s

We are all sharing ideas for Real Foods holiday menus, this week. Since I won’t be cooking the Thanksgiving meal, I will be offering some fun ideas for ways to use those leftovers in Real Food recipes! Be sure to look at the bottom of this post for my fellow blogger’s menu ideas!

~Monte Cristos: Theses sandwiches are a delicious way to enjoy leftover meat! Use slices of turkey with a bit of cheese and a layer of cranberry sauce, or leave the cranberry sauce on the side and dip your sandwich. For the ham version, use a good honey-mustard (you can even make your own with Dijon and honey!). Either sandwich can include any side dishes (I happen to LOVE turkey and mashed potatoes together).

~Louisville Hot Browns: This is something I’ve never had, but I’m going to try […]

Stained-Glass Leaves

Today all of the bloggers on Modern Alternative Mama are kicking off the…

Every Monday during the month of November, we will all be linking up to share fun holiday projects. This week features natural and/or safe decorating.

Stained-Glass Leaves



This is a project that I came up with last year and it was a big hit! I wanted to display all of the beautiful leaves my daughter and I had collected without having them deteriorate and fade before the Thanksgiving. It worked so well, in fact, that the pictures you see are of last year’s leaves… and I just took them! The colors are still vibrant and festive with no signs of deterioration.The only thing to buy is some clear contact paper.

Here’s how to do it…

Gather as many shapes and colors of leaves as you can find, making sure that they […]