Why We’re Planning a Homebirth: Part 3

In part one, I talked about my first daughter’s birth and shared how, although good for a hospital birth, it could have been better at home. In part two, I explained the increased likelihood of medical interventions in the hospital setting and many of the dangers caused by them. Today, I’m delving into the reality of birthing safely at home.

Most doctors and nurses will tell you that it is very dangerous to give birth outside of a hospital. Our doctors happen to be supportive, but they are the exception, not the rule. It is almost uncontradicted in our country that a woman must have her baby in a hospital with an obstetrician and several nurses on hand… just in case. They say it is a FACT that having a baby anywhere other than at the hospital is dangerous and foolish. Where is the proof? Considering the 40-week model of […]

Finding Your “New Normal” as a First-Time Mom

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Why We’re Planning a Homebirth: Part 2

When I realized that the only reason we had gone to the hospital was to have the doctor there “just in case”, it started to dawn on me that something was really wrong with that way of thinking. Being in my own home would have given me the security to relax and do what I needed to do, not what the nurse’s guide to childbirth says is supposed to work for the “average” woman. I began to research what happens to women with healthy pregnancies when they go to the hospital for birth. This will be a long post, but I don’t feel that any of this important information can be left out.

One of the first things I learned was that obstetricians are trained to manage complicated pregnancies and perform C-sections. They are trained to handle emergencies. They are NOT trained to stand back and allow a normal pregnancy […]

Why We’re Planning a Homebirth: Part 1

Our second little girl is due in the middle of November… just six weeks away. Yikes! We still need to empty the nursery of all our junk (we currently call it “the pit of despair”), paint it and bring all of the baby stuff up from the basement. I’m already in serious nesting mode, but a lot of it is about things I want to get done that aren’t actually necessary for the baby’s day to day care… like this post!

I am writing this, not to defend our choice, but to encourage other parents who may be considering homebirth and to share what I’ve learned for those who just want to understand homebirth better. When I first heard a rumor about women having their babies at home, I was shocked. Why on earth would they take that risk? The hospitals had doctors, drugs and technology to keep them and […]