Berkey Water Filter Review- Our Experience

Most of us in the natural living community have wondered about what is in our water. Is it safe? Is it healthy? What about bacteria? Nitrates? Fluoride? Other contaminants we’ve never even considered?? Are we drinking more than “just” water?

What about cheap water filters from the store? Do they get all those things out, or are they only able to help with some of them?

I asked myself all of these questions, and more. When we moved into a rental here in South Dakota, they had a “surface well” with the most horrible water I’ve ever tasted, smelled or bathed in. Our clothing smelled horrible from washing laundry in this water and none of us could stand to drink from the tap. I was concerned that, along with everything else, it could be dangerous to our health.

I bought a water testing kit and learned that, along with being […]

Natural Grease Stain Solution

When I began to make changes to detox my life as we moved towards more natural living, one thing that I had trouble with was finding a good option for removing grease stains from clothing. None of the crazy expensive all-natural stain removers worked and the toxic synthetic ones just weren’t an option I was comfortable with using. After much trial and error, I finally found a safe, natural and effective solution!

So, what is a natural mama to do when a big ol’ grease stain ends up on one of her favorite shirts?? I gracefully dribbled grease down the front of my shirt while biting into a sausage, which you can see in the photo on the left. Here’s what I did to save my shirt from the grease stain without dousing it in nasty toxins.

Dab off as much grease as possible. Apply real eucalyptus essential oil […]