Why Christians Should Quit Social Media

Christians and Social Media: Why Consider Quitting

Let me start by saying, I don’t think social media is inherently evil and I don’t think being on it is sinful or wrong. BUT, it’s important to consider something beyond it. Like how we could be spending our time, rather than mindlessly scrolling through news feeds. As Christians, we know we’ve been given this Read More

todo list for exhausted mamas

Surviving to Flourishing- Part 2: Where to Start

I shared last time about what the last 9 years of living in survival mode has looked like for me. Obviously, I didn’t share every little thing, just the highlights and nothing too personal or private. You get the idea, though. I understand the hanging-on-by-my-fingernails feeling. It’s not just you! If you’ve realized that you’re Read More

Sight Game

Sense of Sight: Color Game

This is a fun and mess-free way to teach color blending to children! Both my girls had a wonderful time playing, and my eldest learned about how mixing two different colors creates a third color. What You’ll Need: One-gallon zip-top bags Acrylic paint (use primary colors, the first time) White paper Tape What To Do: Read More