Sense of Smell

Sensory Game: Smell

We’ve been learning about our senses and it’s been so much fun! The first one we learned about was our sense of touch, which was taught using a homemade mystery box. Today we learned about our sense of smell. This is so easy, but it is such an adventure for little ones! What You’ll Need Read More

Sense of Touch

Sensory Game: Mystery Box

A mystery is irresistible, isn’t it?? This mystery-solving activity is fun for children from the time they can talk. Not only is this fun, but it is excellent for developing problem solving skills and an awareness of their sense of touch. What You’ll Need A box or container of some kind with an opening (like Read More

DIY Chalkboard

Homemade Chalkboard

This is such a fun and easy project! Your kids will love being able to color inside with chalk during the wet/snowy winter months. If you homeschool, this is a fabulous tool for children to use to practice their letters! How cute is that?! I bought a wood wall plaque that is 11×14 inches, so Read More