Why I’m Giving Up 7,700+ Facebook “Likes”

I know. Most of you probably think I’m crazy. As a blogger, haven’t I been working my tail off to get those likes?! What could possibly be more important than a Facebook page with nearly 8,000 people following me? So very many things. I could list out hundreds of things that are more important.

More time with God, studying His word, praying, living out what I learn.

Less time with my face glued to this screen and more time with it smiling at my sweet little girls.

Having more time with my hubby in the evenings and on the weekends, rather than catching up on all the things I had to put off while I was managing Facebook.

Having more experiment/explore/hands-on learning time with my curious little homeschooling six-year-old.

A house that is tidier and more inviting, instead of one that just has the bare minimum done, both for […]

Proverbs 31 Lady: The Real Ideal? part two

Do you feel discouraged by the Proverbs 31 lady? Does she seem like an impossible standard that you can never live up to? Before you give up on being “good enough” let’s take a closer look at her! ๐Ÿ™‚

We already talked about how that list isn’t really about what she does, it’s about her heart. It’s about why and how she does what she does. Be sure to start over there at that post if you missed it and then come back here.

The second big thing to keep in mind with this lady is that we don’t have to be crazy busy to be “virtuous” women! After reading that long list of things she does, we can start comparing our to-do lists with her big ol’ list. Don’t do it! Remember that this list isn’t a play book for us, it’s a description that is […]

Proverbs 31 Lady: The Real Ideal? Part One

We ladies can so easily fall into the comparison trap. Church-going ladies often find they are comparing themselves with the well-known Proverbs 31 Woman. To many of us, she seems like an impossible measuring stick that does nothing but discourage us. She’s the “perfect” wife, mama, Believer, home-based business owner, charity worker… she “does it all.” Many of us feel that we need to do it all, too.

There are two huge problems with that. The first is that this wasn’t a description of a real woman. This is a description of an ideal. The “virtuous” woman. All of those things listed are there because they are examples of things a virtuous woman could do. This is not a checklist of all the things a virtuous woman must do. This list needs to be divided into two categories. The “character” category and the “examples” category.

In the Character category, […]

When You’re Overwhelmed

We all have those days when we just can’t seem to handle everything. Our to-do lists are 17 miles long, our dirty laundry is taking over the laundry room, the dirty dishes are taking over the kitchen and the kiddos are reacting to the chaos by trying to top it with their own versions of insanity. We can’t get it all done. We can’t “handle it” like we think we should be able to. We’re overwhelmed.

I’ve been there. Often, I *am* there!! People tend to think that those in any kind of spotlight (bloggers, writers, leaders) have somehow found the magic answer and everything in their lives runs smoothly. They haven’t. It doesn’t. We all have our own version of chaos between the (sometimes brief) periods of calm. This season of my life is a bit crazy and that’s okay! Other seasons have been calm, quiet and organized […]

Outdoor Toys to Inspire Exploration and Adventure

With all the focus on electronic gadgets, gismos and games, I wanted to offer some alternatives. Yes, a few high-tech items can be great, but most children’s toys ought to encourage our kiddos to be kids! I’m doing a series with several categories and most of the items are good for a wide range of ages. The lists aren’t exhaustive, by any means, but I hope they will inspire us all to search for those gems out there that will get our kiddos active and creative! Be sure to check out the other posts in the series as they are posted. ๐Ÿ™‚

Toys to Inspire Creativity and Learning Outdoor Toys to Inspire Exploration and Adventure Craft Kits and Toys Science Kits and Toys

Besides bikes, play-sets and sports equipment, what are some other fun outdoor toys? Here are a few of our favorites!

Gardening Tools

My girls spend hours outside […]

The Gift of Rest

Busyness has been glamorized by our culture. Being on-the-go, 24/7 is sought after as though it is the way we are meant to function. Some of us aim for it, others fall into it. Either way, it’s not healthy.

People tend to go to extremes. Either we work way too much (“workaholics”) or we don’t work at all. I’m not saying that we all need to laze about all day doing nothing. By all means, let’s get our work done- but then let’s rest! We all need to give ourselves a little grace.

It’s rare to hear sermons about rest, but the Bible is full of commands and encouragement to rest. I love how God built rest into our lives. As with so many commandments, when God commands us to rest it’s not a constraint to keep us from something good, it’s a GIFT! Rest is a blessing.

God […]

Toys to Inspire Creativity and Learning

Instead of more movies, video games, computer games and cell phones, how about some presents that get those creative juices flowing and maybe even teach our little kiddos something?! Whether you’re shopping for your own child or not, these will be a big hit. I’m sharing some old favorites from my childhood, along with some new favorites that our own girls enjoy. This post is specifically about indoor toys, so keep an eye out for our favorite outdoor toys, later!


My girls spend hours in the handmade aprons their Granny made for them! They cook, clean, garden, do craft projects and play dress-up with them. Having something special to put on makes everything more fun. We offer these for sale in our store, Real Traditions, if you’re not up for sewing them yourself. ๐Ÿ™‚


I can’t begin […]

Being Thankful When God Says, “No”

There are so many things we have wanted that we didn’t get. Things that we prayed for many times a day. Things that we were sure were the very best things for us. God said, “no.”

Sometimes, we were confused. Sometimes, we were frustrated. We were disappointed. We just knew that what we asked for was right and good and best. We KNEW.

Slowly, we began to look back and see… maybe our plans weren’t exactly the best thing. Maybe God had a better plan than we had. If He had just given us everything we had asked for, we would have missed out on so much.

If everything had been easy, we wouldn’t have grown.

If everything had been what we were familiar with, we wouldn’t have learned.

If everything had gone the way we were comfortable with, we wouldn’t have had to trust God.

Looking back, now, […]

Letting God Whittle Our To-Do Lists

As I’ve been making some huge changes to the way I blog (I quit blogging the “right” way), I’ve also become much more aware of how I am spending my time. What makes me decide to do one thing, instead of the other 1,000 things I “need” to do? Recently, it’s been whatever seems most urgent. We’ve been a bit overwhelmed with renovating our adorable little farmhouse, along with homeschooling my eldest, running our store, blogging and all the “regular” household chores that need doing. It’s been chaos.

As you know, I quit blogging the “right” way, which has freed up so much time and energy. It’s been refreshing and I’m now I am looking for other ways to do things the “wrong” way. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Instead of doing everything the way that people think I’m supposed to, I’m asking God what He wants me to do… and HOW He […]

Farmhouse Renovations: Week Two

We got quite a bit done during week two, in spite of a very nasty 36 hour virus that knocked out everybody except my hubby. High fever, aching all over… bleck! We skipped the fever meds, as always, and pulled out some of our favorite herbs for colds. Before we were knocked off of our feet, here’s what we did!

After a storm, we arrived to find that our water-damaged ceiling in the front room was leaking….

After many days, many phone calls and another storm, I finally got a roofer out to help us figure out where the leak was and tell us how to fix it.

Along with the roof leak, we also had a horrible plumbing leak that turned out to be a pipe that was connected to…

Absolutely nothing! When we turned on the […]