An Intro to Herbal Remedies

I love, love, love herbs! I love cooking with them, making natural remedies, decorating, cleaning… they are so fabulous! Several of my most viewed posts are about herbs, so I asked on Facebook if I should start doing herbal tutorials. You all gave me a resounding, “YES!”, so let’s get started! 🙂

Grow Your Own Herbs

Whenever possible, try growing your own herbs. Use pots, make a raised-bed herb garden, or even put them in your flower bed (make sure not to use any kind of chemicals on them, though!). Here are some of my favorite herbs to grow, which are all wonderful for culinary uses (like in my roasted chicken and potatoes) and for medicinal uses.

Some of the benefits of growing your own herbs are:

Once you’ve planted them, it is very economical Organic growing is easy and cheap You will be able to use herbs fresh […]