The Healthy Weight Myths Series: “The Scale Doesn’t Lie”

Are you caught in the trap of checking the numbers on the scale? Do you worry (obsess?) over an unexplained increase in your weight? It makes sense, right? If how much we weight determines how healthy we are, then gaining weight means we’re not as healthy and something is wrong, right?? After all, the scale is all about numbers and numbers don’t lie.

Actually, when they are on the scale, they do! Before we bust this myth, check out the first two posts:

Intro to The Healthy Weight Myths Series Then read about why healthy does not necessarily mean “skinny.” What The Scale REALLY Tells Us

We are taught to believe the scale. We are taught to believe in losing those last 10 (30? 50?) pounds, because we aren’t at the right weight. If we can just get the numbers to go down a little bit more, then we’ll […]