How to Make Sour Cream

Since we talked last week about the benefits of culturing dairy, I thought I’d jump right in with one of the easiest and most versatile products you can make: Sour Cream!

Although you can buy a starter culture, or simply set out raw cream to sour, this is our favorite method. You can’t even imagine how easy this is. But first, why make your own sour cream?

You can choose the best possible ingredients, so that you know that your finished product is high quality and full of probiotics. You won’t be adding a bunch of junk, which is found in some store-bought sour cream. It’ll make you feel like Miss Super-home-maker! 😉 How to Make Sour Cream In a clean jar, mix one part real cultured buttermilk (store-bought or homemade) with three parts cream, stirring gently. Cover with a coffee filter (use a rubber-band to hold it on, […]

Homemade Mocha

For months, I’ve been trying to figure out how to make a mocha that’s as good (or even better) than a coffee shop mocha. Not only did I want amazing flavor, but I also need something that doesn’t have a bunch of fake “food” in it. No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives for me, thanks! Besides those things, it also needs to not require any expensive coffee-making equipment… and it wouldn’t hurt if it’s pretty quick and easy, too. I’m pretty easy to please, huh? 😉

Well, this morning I had success! And it only takes four ingredients!

What You’ll Need: Your favorite coffee, brewed (I use an organic, fair-trade one) Cocoa or cacao powder Grade B maple syrup (organic, if you can!) (*use honey for a GAPS-friendly version!!) Cream (I use raw cream) What To Do: Brew your favorite coffee. For each cup of mocha, put two tablespoons […]

Make Yogurt in a Cooler

After having several yogurt makers ruin our yogurt-making attempts, I was thrilled to discover this method! I just might get a cooler exclusively for yogurt making! We use yogurt for smoothies, veggie dip and yogurt cheese. Here’s how to do it.

What You’ll Need Milk (we use raw, whole milk) Yogurt culture Glass jars with lids Cooler (a small one is best, unless you’re making several gallons of yogurt 🙂 ) Pot to heat the milk in Thermometer (I use digital- it’s usually more accurate) Whisk What To Do Pour the milk into the pan and start heating it. Stir occasionally until the temperature reaches 110 degrees. While the milk heats, put your culture into a glass measuring cup and put warm/hot water (115 degrees) into the cooler until it’s about 3 to 4 inches deep. Remove the pan from the heat and ladle some of the milk into […]

Creative Eggs For Breakfast

I get tired of eating the same old breakfast every day, so my last post was about making delicious and creative oatmeal packets (your kiddos will love this!) and today’s post is going to give you all some creative new ways to eat eggs.

Eggs in Pasta Sauce: Sounds a little odd, I know, but it’s goooood! Here’s what you do- Pour enough pasta sauce into a pan to make it about 1 1/2 inches deep (use a small pan for 1 or 2 eggs and a large pan for 3 or more). Get the sauce simmering and then crack an egg into a bowl. Gently slide the egg into the sauce. Repeat with all eggs, then let it cook until the eggs reach the desired doneness (yes, I know “doneness” isn’t a real word). People who like runny yolks will love this recipe, but just leave your eggs in […]