Berry Antioxidant Smoothie

I often post about what to do when you’re already feeling badly, such as natural remedies for ear infections or ways to ease morning sickness, but today I’d like to talk about a yummy way to boost health to help prevent problems before they start!

We all know that antioxidants are a good thing, right? They neutralize those pesky free radicals that wreak havoc on our cells. Getting plenty of antioxidants is one of the beautiful benefits about a real foods diet. What are good sources of antioxidants? I’m so glad you asked!….

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Nutrient-Dense Warm Milk Recipe

Warm milk has long been used for soothing and relaxing, but what about making it a gourmet nutrition-booster, too? That’s what we did!

Here’s what you’ll need to make a nutrient-packed cup of warm milk.

Whole Raw Milk: Low-fat is not healthy. We need all of that wonderful fat for energy, brain function and fat-soluble vitamins. Milk was designed by God to be consumed raw or cultured, not pasteurized and homogenized. Our bodies can’t properly digest it that way, as evidenced by the huge numbers of people with “lactose intolerance”. If you’d like to find raw milk in your area, look here! Gelatin: This isn’t the cheapo gelatin that can be found in most stores. Look for this brand of gelatin, which comes from grass-fed cows. Why gelatin? It is fantastic for the digestive tract and it’s full of amino acids. It’s also good for the skin […]

Hot Lemonade: Antiviral Tea for Colds

This is my new favorite tea to make when we’re feeling under the weather, so consider it my latest addition to my list of herbal teas for colds! It’s sweet and tart and, best of all, anti-viral. It is perfect for a sore throat or a phlegmy cough.

What You’ll Need Lemon Balm: This is a gentle and delicious herb that has the added benefit of being anti-viral. (Learn more about lemon balm in this post.) Lemons: Not only do they give a little vitamin C boost, they are also good for thinning down excess mucus. Raw Honey: Anti-viral, antibacterial and just plain yummy! What To Do Bring water to a boil and pour it over the lemon balm. If you’re using tea bags, use one bag per person. If you’re using loose-leaf tea, use one heaping tablespoon per person. Let the tea steep, covered, for at least 5 […]

Beef or Chicken Stock Recipes


Before we started switching to Real foods a year-and-a-half ago, I remember wondering what the big deal was about homemade beef and chicken stock. Actually, I wasn’t even sure what the difference was between “stock” and “broth”, so I just figured a can of “broth” really couldn’t be that different from homemade “stock”. I was so wrong!

Although there are some places in the world where the terms “broth” and “stock” are interchangeable, when we’re talking about Real food, there are some generally agreed upon definitions.

Broth tends to be lighter in color, because it is only cooked for a few hours and contains only meat and vegetables. It can be flavorful and nutritious, especially if you keep the solids to liquids ratio pretty even. Stock is much darker in color. It contains not only meat and veggies, but also the bones. Often beef bones are roasted first, which […]

Homemade Mocha

For months, I’ve been trying to figure out how to make a mocha that’s as good (or even better) than a coffee shop mocha. Not only did I want amazing flavor, but I also need something that doesn’t have a bunch of fake “food” in it. No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives for me, thanks! Besides those things, it also needs to not require any expensive coffee-making equipment… and it wouldn’t hurt if it’s pretty quick and easy, too. I’m pretty easy to please, huh? 😉

Well, this morning I had success! And it only takes four ingredients!

What You’ll Need: Your favorite coffee, brewed (I use an organic, fair-trade one) Cocoa or cacao powder Grade B maple syrup (organic, if you can!) (*use honey for a GAPS-friendly version!!) Cream (I use raw cream) What To Do: Brew your favorite coffee. For each cup of mocha, put two tablespoons […]

Smoothies, the “Real” Food Way

I have always LOVED a good smoothie. There is just something so indulgent about the creamy blend of fruits and flavors. Before we switched to real foods, I thought I was making a healthy choice by buying the prepackaged smoothies from the grocery store. Just the thought of all of the sugar, artificial flavors and pasteurized dairy makes me cringe! In fact, I’m pretty sure that my tastes have changed so much during this one year of eating real foods that I wouldn’t even like the store-bought smoothies. Happily, I have everything I need to make fabulous and extremely healthy smoothies here at home. If you’re new to real foods, you’re going to be shocked by how many delicious combinations you can make!

Side note: To make a good smoothie, you have to be able to blend it up well. Around this house, that means using our […]