How to Make Buttermilk

A few readers kindly reminded me last week that I had said in my “Homemade Butter Tutorial” that I would do a post about culturing buttermilk. The first thing to mention is that the buttermilk that you get from the process of making butter is not the same as buttermilk that you buy at the Read More

Homemade Jello

Healthy Homemade “Jello” Recipe

How about a delicious and healthy treat this summer, instead of the cheap gelatin mix from the box. Why bother switching, you ask? Here are some things in Jello (or other brands of gelatin mixes) that we really don’t want to be eating or feeding our children… Artificial Colorings: Many of them are known carcinogens Read More

herbed butter

Herbed Butter

Would you like to jazz-up your meal in a quick and easy way? This is the way to do it!   What You’ll Need: Butter (1 cup): Preferably organic and/or grass-fed (learn to make butter here!) Herbs (1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon, each): We like to use fresh or dried rosemary and thyme from our Read More