Change 3 Challenge

Change 3 Challenge

Take a moment to think about three fairly small changes you’ve been wanting to make in your life. Nothing huge. Just three things that you know would make a difference. Things for your health, your relationships, your attitude, your daily routine, your home… whatever you have thought, “I really ought to…” but never have done.

Now, take a month and commit to doing those three things just for this month. It may be that by the end of the month you decide that not all three are permanent changes you want to make, but the ones that really do help will be a habit. Then next month, you can pick three new little things to change. How might your life be different in a year?

I’ll share my three things for this month (November 2014) and then offer some ideas to inspire you. Please consider leaving a comment with your three things, even if you don’t start your challenge at the same time. Be specific enough to make a difference, but not so specific that there’s no flexibility when you need it.

My Change 3 Challenge Choices:

  1. Drink More Water: I realized that as the weather cools off I tend to drink less and less water. During the winter I always get what I have assumed are sinus headaches from the weather, but they might be (partly?) dehydration headaches. My skin gets dry and I feel lethargic. I am committing to more water by having a big glass before I eat or drink anything else (water before coffee, water before meals and snacks, etc.).
  2. Kitchen Before Computer: We have a dishwasher, but we can’t install it until we upgrade our electrical panel (we’re hoping next year). Having always had a dishwasher and garbage disposal, I have really been struggling with having to wash every single thing by hand. They pile up so quickly. Since I’m closing my blog Facebook page (November 1st, 2014), it will be much easier to do this challenge than it would be if I had to spend time managing that Facebook page. If I don’t allow myself to turn on the computer until the kitchen is completely clean, I’ll be able to maintain the kitchen easily for the rest of the day.
  3. Move Every Day: I’m not going to commit to a specific exercise routine or amount of time, but if I’m not getting plenty of natural exercise in my day or doing an exercise routine, I’ll jump on our little indoor trampoline for awhile.

None of these are huge undertakings, but all put together I think they will make quite a big difference in my health and stress level. ๐Ÿ˜‰ At the end of the month I may change them up, but I think I’ll be keeping these three pretty much as they are. I’ll be thinking of three new things for next month that will probably be in different categories, just to mix things up a bit and keep things balanced.

Need some inspiration? Here are some categories and random ideas, just to get you thinking!


  • For quiet time, pick a Bible study book that addresses one of your biggest spiritual struggles and spend the month working through it. (A fantastic idea would be to tackle worry, if you are a worrier. “Calm My Anxious Heart” is an excellent book for that!)
  • Do something special every day for your husband. (Maybe making a habit to stop what you’re doing as soon as he comes through the door and give him a kiss and hug.)
  • Do something special with your kiddos. (Give each child a little bit of one-on-one time each day or add a bedtime story to the evening routine, for example.)


  • Pick one food/ingredient you normally eat that you will not eat for a month (hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, etc.) or choose one you want to consume daily (coconut oil, probiotic foods, etc.).
  • Increase your activity level, like I’m doing, or move on to a more challenging exercise routine.
  • Get to bed earlier or do things to improve the quality of your sleep (magnesium lotion, getting 15 to 20 minutes of direct sunlight earlier in the day, etc.).


  • Start a specific cleaning habit to tame your biggest household problem.
  • Change one store-bought thing to a homemade one (homemade bread, yogurt, etc.).
  • Make and stick to a budget to give you more money to pay down a debt.
  • Declutter one small area every day (a drawer, a side of a closet, a cupboard, etc.).
  • Set a timer to limit computer time and do not allow yourself to cheat.

There are endless possibilities for this challenge, so just use this as a starting point and go wherever you need to in order to make changes that will make a real difference in your day-to-day life. Have fun with it and be creative!

Please share your three changes in the comments to inspire others and help hold yourself accountable! ๐Ÿ™‚


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