Christians and Social Media: Why Consider Quitting

Let me start by saying, I don’t think social media is inherently evil and I don’t think being on it is sinful or wrong. BUT, it’s important to consider something beyond it. Like how we could be spending our time, rather than mindlessly scrolling through news feeds.

As Christians, we know we’ve been given this beautiful life by a loving God. He wants the very best for us. He offers us an abundant life and plenty of wisdom and discernment to know what that means.

Tell me truly, is your time on social media something you could describe as “abundant life” or do you see it for what it is? It’s a virtual life. It’s fake. It’s not really living, it’s artificial living. There’s nothing whatsoever on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc, that you can’t do with email or a smart phone. Send pics of your kiddos to your family and friends. Call or text your loved ones to announce exciting news. You don’t “need” to be on social media– if you think you do, read this.

So, if social media isn’t the “need” that so many people believe it is, what is it?

It’s a waste of time. And the time given to us by God is so, so precious.

It’s a distraction from real life people. And the people God has put in our lives are so very precious.

It’s an escape from our responsibilities. And we are responsible before God for how we spend our time and invest our energy.

The two greatest commandments are to love God and love others. Neither of those things really happen in the artificial world of social media.

Being on social media isn’t sin, but neglecting our real lives, the lives God has blessed each of us with, is sin. And when we are consumed by social media (or any artificial “life” such as TV, video games, etc), then our relationships with God and those around us are starved.

How many of us “don’t have time for quiet time with God” but we have plenty of time to update our Facebook status, post pictures to Instagram or send a Tweet? Or we just “have to” check on what everybody else is doing? How many are so busy “following” people online that we aren’t “following” God?

And how many of us post complaints about our spouses and children, rather than taking that time and energy to build those relationships? How many have more “eye contact” with a screen than with the people in our lives? How many of us spend a meal at a restaurant staring at our phones, rather than connecting with our families and friends?

How many of us “don’t have time” to keep up with our responsibilities? The laundry is piling up while we find out what’s new on Instagram. The sink is overflowing with dishes while we get sucked into the vortex of Facebook. The pounds pile on while we sit on the sofa scrolling through news feeds because we can’t find the time to exercise or cook healthy food.

What we’ve each been entrusted with is something we will each have to answer for and the idea of standing before God and trying to explain why our marriages crumbled, our kids turned out rotten and our lives were wasted because we just had to spend thousands of hours on social media over the course of our lives… that’s just heartbreaking.

Let’s delete the apps, close the accounts and get back to the real lives God has given us! 

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