Educational Games Tailored For Your Child- A K5 Review


Those of you who have been around here for awhile know that we are big into the “teach your child to LOVE to learn” method of homeschooling. Our homeschooling philosophy is something we began forming before we even had any children and it’s proven to be just the right fit for our family. One of the beautiful parts about it is that it is so flexible that we are always finding new ways to implement it. K5 Learning is one of the new things we are excited to add to our homeschooling collection!

K5 LogoK5 Learning is an online math and reading program for kiddos from kindergarten through 5th grade. Although we are homeschoolers, K5 can also complement public or private schooling.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Your child takes the reading and math assessments (not required, but highly recommended) and you get a report on what grade level they are at (don’t worry if they seem behind, just look for the progress!).
  2. The program custom selects lessons based on your child’s level from a database of over 3,000 learning lessons/activities.
  3. Your child can do the fun and interactive lessons with or without you there (I’m always nearby, but it’s not necessary).
  4. You can log in as a parent and check the progress reports to see how your child is doing, assign specific lessons and more.

Our Experience

We were given a 6-week free trial for our six-year-old. I’m going to start with the very few negative points, then cover the things we loved. A few different times there seemed to be a glitch of some kind that caused a reading lesson to pop up when we clicked on math. Not a biggie, we just shut it down and tried again.

The only real change I would recommend to the K5 people is to have an additional assessment for left-brain/right-brain learning (Yes, I know the whole left-brain/right-brain thing is just a theory, but it is good for explaining this situation 😉 ). My daughter is on the extreme end of right-brained and a few of the lessons (I’d guess less than 5%) were a bit frustrating for her. It wasn’t that there was anything wrong with the lessons, just that they were designed in a way that was perfect for left-brained thinkers. Right-brained kiddos might need a parent to explain the activity in another way for it to make sense to them.

Other than that, she has absolutely loved the fun “learning games” and even made noticeable progress in both her reading and math. The activities reinforced what I’m teaching her while homeschooling and I believe this would be an excellent resource for summer break. K5 really is a program designed for education presented in a fun way, not just another one that offers entertaining distractions. I also saw it build confidence in her ability to figure things out for herself, which was wonderful!

Your Experience

Another good thing about K5 is that it you can subscribe just one month at a time or a full year, for savings. If you have more than one child in the kindergarten through 5th grade levels, you even get a discount for the additional children. I also want to share that if money is tight or life gets in the way and you can’t renew the subscription, you can make your child’s account inactive and everything will be saved for when you can get back to it. I love that flexibility, don’t you?

Interested, but not quite sure? You can do the assessments and a 14 day free trial without giving any credit card information! You get free math and reading assessments to see where your kiddos are at and your little ones get two weeks of free online learning games. It’s a win-win! Go ahead and give it a whirl to see if it’s a good fit for your family. 🙂

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*Disclaimer: I received a 6-week free trial in exchange for an honest review of this program. K5 is also an affiliate.

2 thoughts on “Educational Games Tailored For Your Child- A K5 Review

  1. Lorrayne whiting says:

    My daughter is about ready to homeschool her almost 7 year old (1st) grade daughter. My question is how much is this program? Please let me know. Also is it done on the computer?

    • Thanks for the question, Lorrayne! Yes, it’s all done on the computer, although there are worksheets that can be printed out that my daughter loved! If you go to the K5 Learning site ( click here ) you will be able to see all the pricing options. Don’t forget that you can sign up for the free trial first to see if it would be a good fit for your daughter, though! Blessings, Justyn

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