Establishing a Homemaking Routine: Planning

I know from experience that a rigid homemaking schedule just doesn’t work for me, but I also know that having no plan at all doesn’t work out too well, either. ๐Ÿ˜‰ What I need are flexible guidelines. I need a routine that fits in with the natural flow of our day. This is theย plan that I have found to work for us!

This Series:
Establishing a Homemaking Routine: Prioritizing
Establishing a Homemaking Routine: Planningย (this post)
Establishing a Homemaking Routine: Maintaining

Working with the rhythm of your day

Before having children, my days had a very different rhythm to them. It worked well, but not anymore. I needed to step back, figure out my current priorities and fit those priorities into my days as a mama of two.

Here’s what I saw when I stepped back and looked at the rhythm in my days.

  • Wake and Breakfast
  • Coffee/Choffy time with Hubby (I’ll post about that) ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Morning Chores
  • Lunch
  • Homeschooling
  • Afternoon Chores
  • Dinner Prep
  • Eat and Clean Up Dinner
  • Evening Routine
  • Girls in Bed
  • Time with Hubby
  • Bedtime

It looks like I actually have TIME in there, doesn’t it?! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Okay, now I merge my priorities with the rhythm of my typical day.

  • Wake up.
  • Start load of laundry.
  • Make breakfast, empty dishwasher and dish drainer.
  • Dinner prep (pull out meat to thaw, get food in the crock-pot when needed, etc.) and clean kitchen.
  • Laundry into dryer.
  • Chores (bathrooms, floors, etc.)
  • Lunch for all and any further dinner prep.
  • Homeschooling
  • Fold/hang up laundry.
  • Any special projects.
  • Dinner prep
  • Dinner
  • Kitchen clean-up and start dishwasher.
  • Clutter clean-up.
  • Bedtime for the girls.
  • Time with my Hubby.

I know that looks like I’m going non-stop, but that’s just to give you all a good picture of how it all flows together. There is some time in there for quiet time/Bible study, journaling, short naps and other things. I’d like to stress again that this is a routine to help me keep on track, not a schedule written in stone that I need to feel guilty over when it just doesn’t work out. My routine works for me, I don’t work for it. On grocery shopping days, this will all go right out the window and that’s okay! On my hubby’s days off, I’ll do a low-key version to help keep the house running smoothly, but I’m not going to stress over flexing a bit so that we can all enjoy family time together.

You might notice that I did, however, try to make a special effort towards dinner preparation. I really struggle with remembering to pull out the meat and get things ready in time.

I am also limiting my blogging time to certain windows in the day. As much as I enjoy my blogging and consider it a ministry, I love my children more and my family is my first ministry. I don’t want my girls to remember their mama as a busy blogger, I want them to remember me as an engaged mother.

I’d also like to mention that my girls are with me and helping with all the chores. The most important thing I can do at home all day with my girls isn’t to keep a spotless home, it’s to build a relationship with each of them so that they can see God’s love through me. When I wrote down my “priorities”, I wrote down the practical to-do items, but those things aren’t my reason and motivation.

Sometimes we can get stuck in survival mode and establishing a routine seems overwhelming. If that’s you, follow along on my “Surviving to Flourishing” series for step-by-step help to get out of survival mode and back to living your life!


10 thoughts on “Establishing a Homemaking Routine: Planning

  1. My favorite part of this was when you said “…that this is a routine to help me keep on track, not a schedule written in stone.” So true!

    Found you at the weekend whatever link party.

    Blessings, Gin

  2. Hopping over from Whatever Weekends – I needed to read this today. This is what I’ve been working on doing, too. Going from a schedule written in stone (which is my usual method) to a simple routine.

  3. So true! We are at home with our children to BE WITH OUR CHILDREN. Like you said, to build engaged relationships with them. Its so much easier sometimes to focus on the to-do list that you can check off and feel good about. Much harder (for me) to slow down and spend time with my kids. They are, after all, the whole reason I’m home.

  4. I have all this written down but have been failing on implementing it. Probably cause our schedule is all over the place and changing from week to week because of work.
    I totally get the being present mama. I have been limiting blog time as well, AND with how early the 3-year-old is up, MAN IS IT HARD!

    • I know what you mean! Kev being home for a week and getting started on GAPS threw a monkey wrench in some of my plans. Now that things have quieted down I’m hoping to get back into my routine fairly quickly. Today will have to be one of those days for resetting everything, though!

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