Fall Menu: Week 4

We’ve made it halfway through the keeperofthehome.com six-week menu planning challenge! The timing of this challenge happens to be perfect for me since I started to do a weekly menu plan for Fall at the same time. If you’re new here, you might notice that there are no chicken recipes in my menu plans. We usually eat quite a bit of chicken around here, but chicken has turned out to be the one thing I just can’t get anywhere near during this pregnancy. Baby number two is due one month from today (woo-hoo!) and I’m hoping to have chicken back on the menu after that. My goal is to have six weeks of menus per season, so my weekly menu plans will continue after the menu planning challenge is done. Plenty of time for chicken later… 🙂

Fall Menu Week 4



  • Sandwiches
  • Ground beef with tomato sauce and spinach (to raise my iron levels)


By the way, both the Fajita Chili and the Shepherd’s Pie recipes will be doubled and the extras will be frozen for easy meals after the baby arrives. I’ll include freezing instructions with the recipes.

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