Fall Menu: Week 5

Fall Menu: Week 5

This is the fifth week of the keeperofthehome.com six-week menu planning challenge and I’m finding myself very… challenged! Normally, I’d have little problem finding new recipes to try or tweaking our highly-processed favorites until they are “real” food, but I have this problem… this pregnancy I CANNOT stand to even be in the same room as chicken! I’ve only got 3 1/2 weeks until my due date (yikes!!!), and I’m hoping to quickly reincorporate chicken into our menu after the baby comes, but for now I’m really limited. The other challenge I have is that I’m doubling most recipes so I can freeze meals for after the baby arrives. That means my recipes must be “freezable”. Let me go check the fridge and freezer to see if any ingredients I already have will inspire me… 😉

Okay, I have pretty much everything I need for my mom’s stew with dumplings (YUM!!), so I’ll get that recipe (again! I honestly don’t know where it keeps disappearing to, but this time I’ll put it online. Then it can’t get lost!). The dumplings wouldn’t freeze well, but I can freeze the stew in jars and make dumplings when I reheat it. What else? The Swiss chard is fixing to take over the garden, so we’ll have some of that with… how about breaded pork chops? How about stuffed, breaded pork chops? I was never big on pork chops until we tried brining them several weeks ago. Wow! It makes them soooo tender and juicy! What else? My mom and I will be cooking like crazy this week (storing meatballs and baked foods in the freezer for after baby comes), so I’d like to do something pretty simple for the other days. Got it!

Recipes coming soon!

So, does anybody have some good non-chicken “freezable” dinners you’d recommend for next week?

2 thoughts on “Fall Menu: Week 5

  1. Beth Arnold says:

    Pepper steak, meatloaf, chili all freeze fairly well. You would have to do “sides” with them; but that wouldn’t be too bad. Rice, salad, green beans with bacon, fresh veggie tray, pickles (with the chili)….

    • Thanks, Beth! Those are all great ideas! I hadn’t even thought of meatloaf, but I’m so glad you mentioned it. We have a turkey meatloaf recipe that we love to make into sandwiches, so I’ll add that into next week’s menu. I’m thinking that we’ll do lots of frozen veggies for sides, but I honestly hadn’t thought much about it (oops!). I’ll buy some extras to start stocking up. 🙂 Thanks again!

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