Fall Menu: Week 6

This is the last week of the keeperofthehome.com menu planning challenge. The time is perfect since I’m now only 2 1/2 weeks from my due date and I plan on simplifying meals quite a bit. Last week, Pumpkin and I camped out at my parents’ house most days and the three of us girls cooked and baked like crazy to stock the freezer for post-birth meals and snacks. More on that later this week. 🙂

  • Pancetta and Turkey Meatloaf Sandwiches (2 nights) This is a Food Network recipe that we LOVE! Use real sourdough to make your bread crumbs and make some homemade mayo and add whey to it for the good bacteria! Don’t forget sprouted/soaked/sourdough rolls.
  • Gourmet Scrambled Eggs (2 nights)
  • Baked Acorn Squash with Swiss Chard and Bacon (1 night)

For breakfasts and lunches, I’m going to stock up on really easy things. I made baked oatmeal this morning, so we’ll have that for the next few days and then switch to bacon and eggs. At lunch, we’ll have lots of “snacky” options, like olives, veggies, fruit, cheeses, bread and butter, things like that. I also have my bowl of ground beef with tomato sauce that I often have for lunch in my never-ending effort to get my iron up before the baby arrives. 😉

I’ll be working on posting these recipes (and last week’s) throughout the week and adding pictures as we go, so please check back soon!

COMING SOON: For the month of November, Mondays will be dedicated to the “Natural  Holiday Celebration Carnival” which all of the contributing bloggers for Modern Alternative Mama will be participating in. We’ll be covering Thanksgiving and Christmas decorating, “real” foods (party foods and menus) and homemade gifts. Fun!

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