Farmhouse Renovations: Week One

We had a very productive and exciting first week of renovations on our 1940’s farmhouse!

We started by ripping out the nasty old carpet from the living room and downstairs bedroom/office that was used as a litter box by the previous owner’s pets. We found this lovely tar paper under it.

My hubby replaced the upstairs toilet…

Then he pulled out some tiles and the toilet from the downstairs bathroom. The wood under the tiles is rotted out from a plumbing leak…

My hubby tore out a cabinet from around the old fridge so that our new fridge would fit.

Then he pulled this awkward cabinet down from the wall so that I can beautify it and find a more appropriate place in the house to keep it.

Check out the stylin’ shelf-liner!

My brave and wonderful hubby wedged himself into the long, narrow crawlspace to work on plumbing, which has ended up needing to be almost completely replaced. He’s learning a ton from my daddy who heroically took a turn in the crawlspace, too! I do *not* do tiny, dark, damp, cramped spaces, so I’m in awe of them! 😉

My hero!! 😉
While they played in the mud and my dear mama entertained the munchkins, I did a whole ton of trim, window and screen door painting.

And I cleaned where the new fridge is going, primed the walls and put down new linoleum.

And we replaced the door handles and locks. Isn’t that the cutest door handle?!

Thanks for stopping in to enjoy our adventure with us!! 🙂

8 thoughts on “Farmhouse Renovations: Week One

  1. OMGoodness how exciting! I love, love, LOVE those wood floors, and the house is absolutely charming. Congrats! Thank you so much for sharing the renovation progress, I can’t wait to see your next update.

    ~Taylor-Made Ranch~
    Wolfe City, Texas

    • Thanks so much! It’s quite an adventure and we’re learning a ton. My hubby has practically redone all the plumbing, with guidance from my dad. I’m hoping to get the old wood floors looking even more beautiful, soon! 🙂

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