Farmhouse Renovations: Week Two

We got quite a bit done during week two, in spite of a very nasty 36 hour virus that knocked out everybody except my hubby. High fever, aching all over… bleck! We skipped the fever meds, as always, and pulled out some of our favorite herbs for colds. Before we were knocked off of our feet, here’s what we did!

After a storm, we arrived to find that our water-damaged ceiling in the front room was leaking….

After many days, many phone calls and another storm, I finally got a roofer out to help us figure out where the leak was and tell us how to fix it.

Along with the roof leak, we also had a horrible plumbing leak that turned out to be a pipe that was connected to…

Absolutely nothing! When we turned on the water to the house, it just gushed out of this pipe that was tucked into a very awkward place behind the downstairs shower. My hubby and dad pretty much re-plumbed the entire house after discovering many things like this and many burst pipes. We now have water and no leaks!! πŸ™‚

I put a new pane of glass in one of the windows, pulled tons of staples out of the living room/dining room and downstairs bedroom floors and I did a lot of trim painting.

I’ll tell you what. There is a lot more “trim” on this house than you’d think! “Paint the trim” doesn’t seem like a big demand until you’re at the top of a really big ladder and painting for hours a day!

And that’s when our five-year-old got sick and we had to take a few days off and rest. We’re making progress!! πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Farmhouse Renovations: Week Two

    • Uh-oh! Are the pictures not loading for you? I have several in each post, so you should be seeing them. Oh, or maybe you mean pictures of the actual process? I am planning to do some DIY tutorials on several of our projects, once we’re settled. πŸ™‚

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