Five Things I Admire About My Hubby!

Are you curious? Are you thinking I must have a “perfect” man to be able to rattle off five things I admire about him? Well, I don’t have a perfect man- he’s a sinner, saved by grace. I’m not a perfect woman, either. But you know what? That’s part of the beauty of marriage! To be able to forgive hurts and appreciate the good things. Loving on our men with admiration is soooo important to them. It speaks to their hearts in a way that few other things do. I’ve been inspired by the Women Living Well Revive Your Marriage Challenge to list and share five things I admire about my hubby.

  1. He is a fabulous daddy to our girls! He plays with them, snuggles with them, takes care of them (even changing diapers!), talks to them, teaches them and prays for them. They are so blessed to have him as their daddy. 🙂
  2. He is a diligent provider. I know that he will never just decide to quit his job because he’s tired of working so hard. He makes sure that our needs are met.
  3. He spends his free time with me and the girls. He doesn’t run off to spend all his time with “the guys”. He actually enjoys being with us. 🙂
  4. He is a natural born chef! He can walk into a kitchen where I see nothing even resembling the ingredients for a meal and he can whip up a gourmet feast!
  5. He is curious and adventurous. He loves to try new foods, go new places, learn new things and challenge himself. For our tenth anniversary we went zip-lining and he is afraid of heights! I love that he was willing and eager to do it. I know that a big part of it was that he knew how much I wanted to do it. <3

Alright, ladies, now it’s your turn!! List five things you admire about your man and share it with him! You can leave them in the comments here or on Facebook or just jot them down on a piece of paper. I’d love to see what you all have to say, though, so share it with us if you’re willing! 🙂

4 comments to Five Things I Admire About My Hubby!

  • Chara Larkin

    # 1–He loves our son and helps me take care of him (changing diapers, clothes, etc.).

    # 2–He went through a lot to be with me. We had a 2.5 year long-distance relationship before we got married.

    # 3–He makes it a priority to go to church every Sunday (unless he’s too sick or we’re out of town and don’t go to one).

    # 4–He made a promise to never divorce me in his wedding vows. He literally said, “I will not divorce you.”

    # 5–He wants to be in long-term ministry with me eventually (even if other people think it’s crazy and/or unsafe).

  • Nat

    1. He loves spending time with our infant daughter (though she’s currently teething and so wanting nothing but Mommy!) and enjoys being a daddy. This one means the most to me, as my own father left when I was young.

    2. He may not always notice the mess or what needs done, but is quick to help out when I ask.

    3. He enjoys cooking breakfast! (a task I don’t care for…)

    4. He loves me as I am and doesn’t point out my faults, which certainly are plenty!

    5. He good-naturedly follows along with me in things like health, good eating, etc. (which I appreciate… even if it sometimes sounds strange!)

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