Free GAPS Diet Resources

So far, I’ve told you a bit about what GAPS is and why we’re doing it. Now, I want to share the best of the best GAPS resources I’ve found. And yes, they are all FREE! 😉

More details about GAPS

Preparing for GAPS

GAPS Intro Recipes and Tips

Full GAPS Recipes and Tips

There are so many more wonderful resources, but these links will take you to hundreds of delicious looking recipes, so it’s a good start. Don’t feel like you need to be on the GAPS diet to make these, either! They are tasty and healthy, so enjoy! 🙂

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    • We actually don’t have the book. I’m waiting for the next copy to become available at the library. 🙂 I am not familiar with Butterbeliever, so I’ll have to go check out her site- thanks!

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