Frugal Bookshelf & Storage Shelf Update

This is such a frugal and easy way to really make a bookshelf or organizational shelf special! After lining the kitchen shelves in our new (to us) 1940’s farmhouse, I had quite a few scraps of this pretty self-adhesive shelf liner left over.

When I started putting together this organizational shelf to tame the supplies for my online store, I decided to line the back panel with the shelf liner. If you have a shelving unit that’s already assembled, you can either remove the back panel and line it, or carefully measure and cut the liner to fit while it’s still assembled. Here are a few tips to help…

  1. For units where the back panel slides into groves, rather than getting nailed or screwed on, measure the panel and add 1/4 inch so that the shelf liner can fold around the edges. This helps to give it a smoother look.
  2. Start by lining up an edge and *slowly* smooth the liner from the middle of that edge, working your way away from that edge and out from the middle.
  3. If there is an air bubble that you cannot smooth out, either lift the nearest corner until you can smooth the liner back down, or use something sharp to poke a tiny hole in the middle of the air bubble to allow the air out.
  4. Recruit a helper when using a very large piece of liner. They can hold the two far corners several inches from the back panel while you smooth the liner on from the other end.
  5. Some self-adhesive liners go on more smoothly if you slightly dampen the surface you are applying them to, so be sure to read the instructions.
  6. “Repositionable” liner will be a lot easier to work with than “permanent” liner.
  7. Many liners have a little note to warn buyers that the liner will shrink over time, so be sure to account for that when measuring!.
  8. Have fun and feel free to change out the liner whenever you want a new “look” to the room!
  9. Save extra little scraps to apply to other items in the room. Watch for another post on using shelf liner for decorating! 😉

How pretty is that?? A plain white backing would have been so boring compared with this.

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