Homemade Chalkboard

This is such a fun and easy project! Your kids will love being able to color inside with chalk during the wet/snowy winter months. If you homeschool, this is a fabulous tool for children to use to practice their letters!

How cute is that?! I bought a wood wall plaque that is 11×14 inches, so it’s big enough to provide plenty of writing area, but it’s also small enough to stand on end in a bookshelf for easy storage!

What You’ll Need

  • Wood Wall Plaque: Make sure there are no cracks.
  • Fine Sandpaper
  • Chalkboard Paint
  • Acrylic Paint (for the edges- I used a glossy red one)
  • Sponge Applicators

What To Do

  1. Gently sand the surface of the wood to make sure there are no rough spots, then wipe of any dust with a rag.
  2. Paint a smooth coat of chalkboard pain on the face of the wood. To avoid streaks, make the first coat diagonal from the lower left to the upper right.
  3. Let this coat dry for an hour and then paint a second coat from the lower right to the upper left. Allow it to dry another hour.
  4. Paint a final coat straight across and let cure 24 hours.
  5. Paint the edge and let it dry.
  6. “Season” the chalkboard by rubbing the side of a piece of chalk around in circles, then wipe it off using a soft cloth or an eraser. Done! 🙂


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