DIY Natural Baby Bath

As I mentioned in my post Toxic Babies, we don’t use any baby products on our little ones that are not all natural. Mainstream baby bath products are full of unhealthy chemicals and we’re not willing to spend outrageous amounts of money on the natural products at the store. I’ve come up with our own bath herb mixes and bath oils. Here is a simple and inexpensive one that is gentle enough for a newborn’s sensitive skin.


  • oatmeal (I use organic, old fashioned oats)
  • calendula petals


  1. Mix the oats and calendula together (I like to use about two parts oats to one part calendula) and place in an air-tight container.
  2. Fill a medium mesh tea ball with the mixture and put it in the baby’s bath.

No soap is needed for a baby. The oats and calendula are soothing to the skin and gently cleansing. Be aware that calendula is used as a yellow dye, so white towels might not be a good idea! For an evening bath, dried lavender would be a wonderful addition!


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