Pretty Jar Labels

These are the jars from Wednesday’s post that I used for organizing the pantry. They are plain ol’ wide-mouth quart-sized canning jars with plastic lids. They are frugal and very effective for organization, but once I got them in the pantry, it was hard to tell what was in each jar without pulling them out. Not helpful! So….

I made labels! How cute is this?!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Wide mouth quart jars with lids (I used plastic, but you could use the metal ones. Plastic just seems easier to open and close.)
  • Paper with a pretty color and/or pattern (I used scrapbooking paper)
  • Contact laminate sheets (be sure you don’t get the “heat” laminate!!!)
  • A circle cutter (you may also use a compass and scissors)

What to do:

  1. Open up a Word document and type in the names of each item you will be storing in jars. Play with the font and color until you find something you like.
  2. Adjust the font size until the largest word is 2 1/4 inches, then change the page orientation to “landscape”.
  3. “Select” all of the words and change to three columns. Add enough space between words that you have only six words per page with plenty of space between them.
  4. Do a test print on plain paper.
  5. Using your circle cutter, outline each word by centering the cutter in the middle of the word using a pen to draw a 2 1/2 inch circle around each word. If any circles overlap or go off the page, adjust the placement of the words on the computer. Do a final test print to make sure all is well.
  6. Once you are sure that you have everything ready, print the words onto your decorative paper.
  7. Use your circle cutter  (or a compass and scissors) to cut out the circles.
  8. Use your circle cutter (or a compass ans scissors) to cut out 2 7/8 inch circles of contact laminate.
  9. Working one at a time, peel the backing off the laminate circle and lay it on the table sticky-side-up, then center the label face down on the laminate.
  10. Working from the center, smooth the label/laminate on the clean, dry lid (make certain not to allow any creases or air bubbles!).

That’s it! The tops of the lids can be wiped clean with a damp cloth, and the insides can be washed and rinsed, but do NOT submerge the lids in water. You don’t want your pretty labels to peel off! 🙂 There you have it- adorable labeled jars without the crazy price tag of store-bought “labeled jars”.


2 thoughts on “Pretty Jar Labels

  1. VERY Pretty! I store most of my stuff in snapware, so I have just been writing on them with sharpie (because it comes off). But have been looking for something a bit more fun to do with them.

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