Tin Foil Snowflakes

This is a family decorating tradition passed down from my Dad’s mom. It’s a fun project that the whole family can do and your house will look stunning if  you fill every window!




To start, lay out a square piece of tin foil and place a tissue (if it’s two-ply, separate it and use half for each flake) from the center to one side.







Fold the left side over to the right










Fold the bottom half up








Start at the lower left corner and fold the left third of the square towards the middle







Again starting at the lower left corner, fold the right third towards the center









Cut off the tip and top of the triangle, then cut different shapes out of the sides









Very carefully, open up your snowflake





Just like with real snowflakes, no two will be exactly the same. You can make them different sizes and shapes. By changing the way you fold or cut them, you will never run out of new designs. We enjoy making some very simply, with just a few cuts and making others intricate with many tiny shapes. One of the things I love to do is cut a lot of pointy angles in some and cut only soft curves in others. Play around, and you’ll see what I mean!


4 thoughts on “Tin Foil Snowflakes

    • Aren’t they fun?! Even before we had kids, my hubby and I would make a bunch for our windows. I love that they can be left up past Christmas since they are more “winter” themed.

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