Get Organized- Tips for Every Room in Your House (Part One)

I had designated October as my own person “Get Organized” challenge… then my girls had croup for the first two weeks! Poor baby girls were miserable and I could barely keep up with laundry and dishes. Okay, I didn’t keep up with laundry and dishes! These last few days I’ve been trying to get my house back in decent working order, but I’m also making plans to use the rest of the month to the best advantage. I’m organizing my online store supplies, getting the rest of the boxes unpacked from our move to our adorable little farmhouse (ever noticed how old farmhouses really don’t have much when it comes to closet space??) and I’m hoping to get everything done before the holidays hit. At the end of November, we have Thanksgiving, my daughter’s birthday and my birthday. Whew!

Okay, so I’ve enlisted the help of some lovely blogging ladies to get some inspiration and ideas to add to some of my own ideas out there. Some I’ve done before (in another house) and other ones I’m going to be doing, here.

So, here’s a room-by-room guide, plus a few bonus ideas!


Have you ever noticed how hard it is to find anything under the bathroom sink?? In our old house, I finally just couldn’t take it, anymore! Here’s the solution I came up with… and it worked perfectly!!! I’ll be organizing under my bathroom sink, for sure.

Are you blessed with a linen closet? Here’s a tip from Georgetown, MN for getting your linen closet organized!

There are several bathroom organization tips in this post over at Your Thriving Family, too!


I did this fun project a couple years ago and it made such a difference! Organizing foods in labeled jars is a great way to prevent those pantry avalanches that can happen with all the bags, packages and various containers that don’t stay put! I’ve already put my food in jars, but I need to create some pretty labels, again.

My Cultured Palate decided to use jars to organize her pantry, too!

How about organizing the fridge?? The Imperfect Homemaker has a system that is almost identical to ours! Check out how she organizes her fridge!

Not only can you find helpful tips on organizing kitchen cabinets, this post at A Proverbs 31 Wife also has some tips on cleaning them!

Laundry Room

I am absolutely going to print out these pretty laundry room labels over at Simple Foody!! Laundry can be more fun and more organized with these. 😉

Living Room

My favorite tip for organization in the living room is for magazines. I *LOVE* magazines about DIY projects, herbal remedies, crafts, (unprocessed) food, holiday decorating… my hubby, not so much. He starts getting a nervous twitch when my magazines start piling up and looking “messy.” So, I started going through them and just pulling out the pages with things I wanted to keep. Recipes, project instructions, decorating ideas, natural remedies… It went from two boxes of magazines down to a couple of binders full of my favorite things!

Here’s a project I did for my eldest using pictures from National Geographic. HUGE hit! 🙂

Entry Way

Here’s a solution for coat closet troubles, over at Georgetown, MN!

I’m not sure when it will fit in the budget, but we’ll be creating our own mock built-in entryway organization area. I’ll share when we do it, but don’t hold your breath. I’m thinking it won’t happen until sometime next year. 😉

Well, this post got massive, so I’m going to break it down into a few posts. Get to work on those rooms and we’ll hit the other rooms and areas in the next post, or two!

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