Get Organized- Tips for Every Room in Your House (Part Two)

In part one of this series, we covered tips on organizing the kitchen, living room, laundry room, bathroom and entry way. For today, I’ve rounded up some more inspiring organization posts from some lovely bloggers!


The Imperfect Homemaker has a two-part series on handling all the mounds of papers that come with homeschooling (part one and part two).

At Smithspirations, you can learn some tips of organizing time when homeschooling.

Dual Purpose Room

Most of us homeschooling mamas don’t have an entire room dedicated to homeschooling, so here are some tips from the Imperfect Homemaker for keeping a dual-purpose room organized.

Kid’s Art

Speaking of school and kiddos, how many of you can’t find your fridge without a map and compass due to the layers of munchkin art plastered on it?? Here’s a brilliant idea for organizing kid’s art from Your Thriving Family!

Kid’s Toys

I’m hoping to post about our sweet success in the toy department, soon. Until then, let me send you over to Attached Moms for some cute bin label ideas and some thoughts on downsizing the toy collection.


Yes, I did cover laundry in the first post, but I absolutely had to add these great ideas (with a touch of grace!) from Red and Honey! Love, love, love! And, yes, I’ll be going basket shopping, soon. 😉


Well, there is a third post coming in this series, so get busy on these ideas and watch for the next post! 🙂

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