Getting Back in Shape After Baby

I have a confession. I HATE to exercise. There are things I love doing that are active, like hiking, but exercise is a by-product, not the point. Many of my friends exercise for fun, but I have a list a mile long of things I’d rather do. I tell you this so that you will understand that it isn’t normal for me to look forward to a workout… but I am looking forward to this one! Not the idea of “exercising”, but the way I know this particular workout will make me feel. It’s called T-Tapp, and it is amazing!

What It Is and Who It’s For

T-Tapp was created by a lady named Theresa Tapp. You can read about her here, so I won’t go into detail. Let me just say that I admire her mission to help people and I believe that she has created a workout that can change lives. If you have knee or back problems, please check her website out. She created this workout for herself to ease the pain of a serious back injury. If you are unable to do other exercise, you very well might be able to do this! All you ladies who love to exercise, don’t think you won’t be challenged. You’d be surprised at how challenging it can be! T-Tapp is done to the best of each person’s ability, so you will never be pushed beyond what you can safely do, but you will also always be challenged to do more. Theresa has a “try before you buy” page, so pop on over and give it a try!

How It Works

There are actually quite a few different workouts to choose from, but I plan on doing the 15 minute basic+ and the secret to a flat stomach (which is one of the free “try before you buy” ones!!). The way this works is that you do whichever workout you choose every day for four to fourteen days, depending on how many clothing sizes you want to lose. That is the “boot camp”. After you finish your boot camp, you go to an every other day schedule for two to three weeks, followed by an every third day schedule for two to three weeks. Once you’ve reached your desired size, you maintain it by T-Tapping once or twice a week. No hour long workouts for the rest of your life to keep your shape! How great is that?! I will be doing a boot camp of at least four days, possibly up to seven days… starting today. I haven’t T-Tapped since before I got pregnant, so I’m starting from scratch.

Why I’m Doing It

Before I get into the details of measurement and weight, let me explain my real goal. I want to feel better. T-Tapping gives me energy, flexibility, strength and better immunity. Most exercise tends to just make me tired and sore. After T-Tapp, I feel energized! I am guessing that it has to do with the way T-Tapp stimulatesย  the lymphatic system, which I really need. Ever since I had mono in my early twenties, I’ve struggled with swollen glands and fatigue. T-Tapp makes me feel better like nothing else can. Many people with chronic fatigue syndrome and auto-immune disorders have said the same thing. I do have to warn you, though… the boot camp will make you ache in places you never even knew you had! ๐Ÿ™‚ Once you get past the first four to seven days, that goes away. I’ve announced my intention to T-Tapp on my Facebook page and in this post so that you all will be my accountability. I’m going to be tired and sore and I’m going to want to give up right around the fourth day. Knowing that so many people are expecting me to do this will help me to get past the hard part. And since I’m sharing my current weight and measurements with you all (weren’t you all just dying to know the gory details??) I’m very motivated to see those numbers shrink. ๐Ÿ˜‰

The Measure of Success

Although I’m not trying to lose a lot of weight, T-Tapping is a great way to do it! If you are looking for a good exercise program for weight-loss, or if you just want to tone-up or have more energy, think about starting to T-Tapp. I will be keeping track of my measurements and weight so that you can see how effective it is. I won’t be doing any other exercises on the sly (as if I would! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ), so any difference is completely T-Tapp.

I do want to point out something important about the numbers. Women who use the scale to measure progress are causing themselves a lot of grief and confusion. Fat weighs less than muscle. Read that again. What that means is that if I am 5 foot 9 and I weigh 145, that doesn’t really tell you much. I usually weigh between 135 and 145, and I’m usually somewhere around a size 4 to 6 on top and 6 to 8 on the bottom. When I am not T-Tapping, I’m in the bigger clothing size and I weigh 135 to 140. When I am T-Tapping, I’m in the smaller clothing size and I weigh 140 to 145. T-Tapping gives me more muscle and less fat. If I gain ten pounds of muscle and lose ten pounds of fat the scale shows the same number, but I am in smaller clothes! Which would you rather have, a smaller number on the scale or a smaller clothing size? I’ll take the smaller clothes any day! All of that being said, I did just have a baby seven weeks ago, so I’m at 148lbs. I am back in some of my regular jeans, but they are tight. Here are my current measurements, which is loosely based on the list of body parts that Theresa Tapp says to keep track of:

Right arm: 11 inches

Left arm: 11 inches

Bust: 35 inches

Ribs: 30 inches

Waist: 29 inches

Belly (3 inches below belly button): 35 inches

Hips: 40 inches

Upper right thigh: 23 inches

Upper left thigh: 23 inches

Lower right thigh: 16 inches

Lower left thigh: 16 inches

Right calf: 14.5 inches

Left calf: 14.5 inches

Weight: 148 lbs

Energy: 5 on a scale of 1 to 10

A few things to keep in mind when measuring yourself:

  • use a mirror to be certain you measure the same place every time
  • always measure the largest area (the biggest part of the thigh or tummy, etc.)
  • measure first thing in the morning so that a full stomach or swollen legs don’t skew the results
  • if you are breastfeeding, like me, measure the bust just after nursing

I’ll be posting my measurements, weight and energy level each Monday for six weeks. Also, I will be letting my Facebook ladies know whenever I do a workout. If you have any questions about T-Tapp, please leave a comment here or on Facebook. If you want to start T-Tapp or another exercise program and would like some accountability, let us know about it on Facebook!

Note: I am in no way affiliated with T-Tapp and I am not being paid to promote it. I really do just love it that much! Be sure to keep in mind that they have a sale the third Tuesday of every month. That’s tomorrow! ๐Ÿ™‚

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