Health Choices Part 3: The Results

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Now that you have a fairly good grasp on what Pumpkin has and has not been exposed to and fed, let me tell you about our results. She is amazingly healthy. She has had only three colds in her three-and-a-half years (all of them while drinking store-bought milk, between the breastfeeding and “real” foods stages), and none of them resulted in secondary infections. She has never had antibiotics of any kind. She has not had any ear infections or strep throat. She has no chronic health issues of any kind. She has had one stomach virus (again, during the store-bought milk period), but she got over it quickly (it was certainly not a fun few hours, though!).

The only medication (apart from the fever reducers I mentioned) was for a couple of months she took baby Zantac. She was exclusively breastfed at the time, but she was projectile vomiting a significant amount of milk after each nursing. With what I know now, I’m guessing it was something I was eating that was the problem, but since I thought I was eating a “healthy” diet, that never occurred to me. After researching baby Zantac as thoroughly as possible, we decided to use it for a short time. She immediately quit projectile vomiting and she hardly ever spit up at all. Should it be an issue with a future baby, I will try to change my diet rather than give the baby Zantac, but with the knowledge I had at the time, it was the best decision.

That’s it. Three colds and one stomach bug. The children I babysat during my teens were sick so often each year that most of them had two or more rounds of antibiotics every winter! By the age of three-and-a-half, they often had chronic health issues like ear infections (that was my main health problem, as a child), asthma, eczema, sinus infections, strep throat (that was my brother’s health issue of choice) or severe allergies. Just like the children in those few “weird” families I babysat for, our daughter is full of health and energy! When she does come down with something, we use natural remedies for comfort and to prevent secondary infections. I LOVE herbs! God gave us so many nutritious, non-toxic herbs to heal our bodies, and it is such an exciting thing to learn about them and to watch them work! What I really love about using natural remedies for Pumpkin and ourselves is that, unlike pharmaceutical drugs that are usually toxic and cause many side effects “up to and including death”, most herbal remedies are completely safe as well as nutritious. Now, there are many “homeopathic” herbs that are toxic and I would not use them just because they are “natural”. Please do not equate “natural” with safe. We limit our herbal cupboard to only non-toxic herbs, and we have plenty to choose from. In fact, the other night my husband was having a bad asthma attack and we got rid of it completely with nothing but herbs and essential oils! No albuterol, no ER trips… beautiful!

So, yes, we’re a bit “crunchy” and “quirky” and even “out there”, but we are healthy! We LOVE our real food and our herbs (the food tastes wonderful, the herbs… sometimes they taste good, sometimes, not so much). Our daughter is living proof that avoiding unnecessary drugs and processed foods will build a healthy body. Our choices have gotten us some “you’re nuts” looks and comments, but when we look at other people’s kids and then look at our healthy little girl, we know we’ve made good decisions. Her health is why we do what we do.

4 thoughts on “Health Choices Part 3: The Results

  1. Rachel says:

    We’ve had similar experiences with our daughters. We are still working on all organic and real foods. They are completely unvaccinated and have very healthy immune systems. We are always trying to learn more about the ways God made our bodies to work so beautifully and heal themselves quickly. I’ll be following your blog and learning along with you.

    • Welcome! I’m always so glad to “meet” other moms who appreciate God’s amazing design. It’s so encouraging to hear about your daughters’ health, especially since you haven’t vaccinated. I wish I had been better educated before our daughter was born, but I’m glad to know what I need to for making wiser decisions from now on. So glad to have you along with me while I keep learning!

  2. Unfortunately I have a really poor immune system. Changes in diet, location, or even medication makes little difference. However, one anacdote I have noticed is I’m not nearly the believer in vaccines my mother is and once I got married I stopped getting the yearly flu vaccine. Haven’t had a bad case of flu since then! Used to get 2 or 3 cases of flu (yes, multiple cases) every winter. I would really like my kids to avoid more vaccines, but my husband is a firm believer in them. I’ve convinced him to skip a few (hep B, chicken pox, and HPV in the future) and with our newest we are following the delayed schedule. But he just won’t go for missing more and as head of household he gets final say.

    • It sounds like you’re really making some good progress, though! Maybe you could share some research with him and ask him what he thinks of it. Modern Alternative Mama has some excellent information and I love the link below, which shows how all these diseases we vaccinate for were already naturally declining before vaccines were introduced:


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