Homemade Belly Butter


DIY Belly Butter

I’ve been using this belly butter for many months now, and it is very effective at preventing itching from stretching skin. Like all belly butters, I can’t guarantee that it will prevent stretch marks, but I can guarantee the MY recipe is non-toxic. Palmer’s, one of the most popular brands of cocoa butter lotion and belly butter, contains mineral oil (yeah, that nasty byproduct from refining crude oil into gasoline, which they then dump on the market in any form we’ll buy it in), synthetic waxes (often petroleum-based byproducts, too), synthetic fragrances (almost always toxic in some way), and synthetic preservatives. These are not chemicals that we want our babies absorbing, so here’s my recipe. It can be made firmer or softer depending on how much beeswax you use.

  1. In a medium jar, put the calendula petals and all three oils and put on the lid. Set this jar on a dishrag, either in a crockpot or in a saucepan. Fill the pot/pan with water until it is 3/4 of the way up the side of the jar and put on the lid. Heat on low if using the stovetop, on high if using the cock-pot, for several hours (until oil is a dark yellow).
  2. Dry the outside of the jar (to keep water from getting into the oil, which can encourage bacterial growth) and strain out the petals (use a fine mesh strainer, or even just a coffee filter or thin tea towel). Pour oil into a double boiler set on medium and stir the cocoa butter and beeswax into the hot oil until melted.
  3. Pour the mixture into a very clean 9×13 pyrex and let cool. Once it has fully cooled,  check the consistancy and decide if you’d like it firmer or softer. If so, scrape it back into the double boiler and add more grapeseed or sweet almond oil for a softer butter, or add more beeswax for a firmer butter. Increase in small amounts, because a little makes a big difference!
  4. Once you have the firmness you prefer (mine is more on the firm side) you can either put it straight into jars, for a clearer “belly jelly” look, or you can whip it up for two or three minutes with an immersion blender for an opaque “belly butter”. They both work great, but the “butter” look is more traditional.

This belly butter smells heavenly! I recommend scooping out a small amount and rubbing it in right after a shower, but it can be used as often as needed to help with itching. If you will be using it frequently throughout the day, I’d recommend replacing the sweet almond oil with more grapeseed oil to cut down on the oiliness. As is, this recipe will soak in after a couple of minutes, but grapeseed oil is especially non-greasy and can be applied several times a day without leaving a layer of oil that could get on your clothes.

Since there are no harsh preservatives, be careful to use only clean, dry hands. The coconut oil is naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal and will naturally “preserve” the finished product for a long time, but we don’t want to push our luck by adding unnecessary bacteria.

This recipe makes about 2 cups, so you can reduce it, if you want. I’d recommend that you make the whole recipe and share with your pregnant friends, family and neighbors. If you don’t know anybody that is pregnant, give it away as “body butter” to a mama that needs some pampering!

6 thoughts on “Homemade Belly Butter

  1. Alisha says:

    I’m making this right now. I with there more clarification on how long the oils take to heat. Working on four hours now and no change in color. Might have to switch to the crockpot so I can go to bed lol

    • So sorry I missed your question, Alisha. We just moved from Ohio to South Dakota last week and my internet connection just got set up an hour ago. 🙂

      I’m betting you’ve got color by now!! You are talking about the color from the calendula infusing into the oil, right? It depends on how high the heat is. The lower the heat, the longer it takes, but you’ll get the best result from long, low heat. I’m all for using the crockpot overnight.

      I hope it worked well for you!!

  2. Alisha says:

    Thanks Justyn! I didn’t realize the color change comes from the calendula leaves, I wasn’t using them – explains why there was no color change at all! After 6 hours I threw the jar in the crock pot overnight. Regardless of color change, the butter turned out great. oily but it soaks in very quickly, leaves my skin feeling soft. I’m giving it to my pregnant sister-in-law for Christmas. Thank you for the recipe, it’s different from all of the others I’ve seen 🙂

    • LOL!! That’s the problem, then! I hope your sister-in-law enjoys it. It is a little oily for a couple of minutes, but I always applied it right after my shower and then did hair, make-up, etc, before getting dressed. By then it had completely soaked in. 🙂 I have some new ideas for an updated recipe with our next baby, Lord willing!

  3. Donielle says:

    CAn you substitute calendula leaves for the cream or oil, if the leaves ar not readily available? if so what would be the equivaliant?

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