Inspiration to Quit Social Media

I recently shared about my experience with quitting social media (spoiler alert: it’s been AWESOME!) and I wanted to share some of the posts that inspired me to take the leap!

My story: What Happened When I Quit Social Media- And why you should, too

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And Then We Saved: Why I Ditched Social Media and Never Looked Back

Smartter Each Day: How Instagram is Killing Our Souls (Basically)

Camp Greta: What I Learned Since Leaving Facebook

You can do a search for “delete social media” or “quit social media” for countless other articles. What I found most, though, were people who temporarily quit social media as a “detox” for a limited time. They reported back that they LOVED not having it and they were going to keep social media to a minimum in their lives from now on…. but then I checked their social media pages. They all failed.

Friends, social media is addictive and if you leave yourself open to it, you will get sucked back into the abyss. There are a very, very few people who can set a limit on themselves (say 30 minutes a day) and actually stick to it. Most likely, you are not one of those people. Just quit. Live your life. Love your family and friends who are right there in front of you. Ditch the virtual and live in reality. 

How about you? Have you tried to quit social media? Are you feeling the pull toward real life?

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