Introduction to “The Healthy Weight Myths” Series

Are you feeling like this dried-up creek bed when it comes to trying to get to, or stay at, a “healthy” weight? Have all the negative, restrictive and demanding rules sucked the life out of you?

Since before I began blogging over two years ago, I have wanted to write about this. There is so much confusion about how to get to and maintain a healthy weight. There are so many health-damaging diets, weight-loss pills, books, magazines and even “experts” out there that women are bombarded with bad information, myths and even, sometimes, lies.

Seeing women who are struggling to get to, or stay at, a healthy weight is something that has made me passionate about helping us all get to our best level of health. For many, that would include losing weight, but for other ladies, like myself, that means getting healthy, fit and strong and maintaining something near my current weight.

Before you give up on reading what I have to say because I’m not needing to lose a ton of weight, hear me out. If I were still eating and living the way I was 10 years ago, I’d have a ton of excess weight to lose. I learned what to eat, how to eat it and so much more and that has helped me to stay at a healthy weight. I’ve had two babies (over 9 1/2 pounds, each!) and I understand that pregnancy and birth change our bodies. Think of it this way: If you want to learn about herbal remedies, you ask somebody who successfully uses herbs, right? Well, I’m in my 30’s, have had two really big babies and I’m in a size 6 top and size 6-8 pants. And folks, I EAT! I love good food and I am not shy about enjoying it! πŸ˜‰

I’m certainly not a supermodel, but I’ve learned how to maintain a healthy weight. I am also on a journey towards regaining my health, because I’ve had some nagging fatigue since having mono years ago (not good for being able to exercise and I certainly do not have a high metabolism- I’m almost always cold). I’d like to bust some of those myths about what a “healthy” weight is and how to get and stay there and this won’t be the standard, “Just eat less and exercise more” line that doesn’t help. I’d also like to invite you to join me in making daily decisions that will get us each to our healthiest body possible!

How about it?? Do you need to make some changes to get healthy, either in the weight department or in other areas? Let’s have some fun getting healthy and enjoy feeling good! Comment below so that we can all encourage and support each other! πŸ™‚

23 thoughts on “Introduction to “The Healthy Weight Myths” Series

  1. Nat Davis says:

    Love it! Can’t wait to follow the series. Only thing I’d note, is maybe expand a little bit. The post specifically mentions ladies, but much of the same information (both good and bad) is for men just as well. Men need the info, but are equally bombarded with messages on how to get those “rock abs” and everything else, and there’s equally little information for them, too.

    I am fairly fit and a decent weight. I’m no skinny minnie, but I can hold my own well enough. My husband has struggled with weight our entire marriage. Despite eating mostly healthy, he has a hard time losing. I’ve been wanting information on what more we can be doing to help him, too. Just pointing that out for you! πŸ™‚

    • Absolutely, Nat! I do write primarily to women, but I do have several man-specific issues to address for the guys who will be reading, or their wives. πŸ˜‰ A lot of couple are very motivated by losing weight together (I know my hubby and I do best with any health-related effort if we’re working on it together), so that will be a part of it, too.

      Thanks so much for the comment! πŸ™‚

  2. Can’t wait to see where this goes! I’m at a “healthy” weight, but I am NOT healthy. The only time I’ve ever been “overweight” was when I was pregnant (I gained 42lbs), but I quickly lost all my baby weight plus 10 extra pounds (I assume due to breastfeeding, because I certainly didn’t do anything else!). I’m so unhealthy and want to be better, but I can’t talk about it with most people because the look at me and say “you’re so skinny, what do you have to complain about?” It drives me crazy!

    • You’re going to really be able to relate to the post that is scheduled for next week, Nikki! I have been my “skinniest” times when I was at my least healthy, like losing so much weight from morning sickness that my hip bones and ribs were sticking out by the fourth month. The “healthy=skinny” myth is the first one I’m going to address, because it’s so untrue!

      Thanks so much for commenting, Nikki! I hope to hear your thoughts throughout the series. πŸ™‚

  3. Christa says:

    I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. Why are we at a constant war with our own bodies? Why do we hate that which is US? I have not been a good steward of my most precious resource–my own body. Why don’t I stop loathing and fighting my body and start taking good care of it? I am trying to get to where I love and accept myself just as I am and I want to be as healthy as I can be, so I’m in!

    • Thanks for commenting, Anjanette! I know what you mean. I also have noticed that I’m a lot less flexible and my muscles don’t feel nearly as strong as they used to. I’m so eager to change all that! πŸ™‚

  4. Anna H. says:

    Will you be writing additional posts on getting healthy? I would love to hear what you have to say as I am just starting this journey!

    • Yay for you, Anna! Yes, this is going to be a massive series that will cover everything, from food additives to hormone imbalances to chronic stress to body image… tons of things! I’m so excited about it and I hope that you get a ton of encouragement and helpful info. πŸ™‚

    • I’m really excited, too, Julie! I’m getting a lot of comments about sugar addiction on FB, so I’m thinking a group effort at doing a sugar fast/detox after the new year would be a great thing. Be sure to watch for that, if you want to take the plunge! πŸ˜‰

  5. Justyn..I was so excited to see what the topic of focus is right now.0ⁿ
    As you know, we just had number 13, and I’ve had 15 full term pregnancies. For the most part, my body has done well supporting the growth of so many precious little ones, but I can tell that it is time to make my health a little more of a focus.
    I know that I will be able to learn a lot from these posts…I can’t wait to start leaning!

    • Hi Angela!

      Thanks so much for the comment! I would actually love to hear your thoughts on anything you’ve done to help your body rebuild and recover after having so many little ones! Having had two has certainly made a difference in my body and I’ve wondered about whether more babies would make bigger changes or pretty much leave things the same. Any insight you have for us mamas who hope to have more babies would be very much appreciated!! πŸ™‚

  6. Kelly says:

    This is such a God thing that I came across this today on facebook. I have recently been struggling a LOT with my body image and have information overload about how to finally get off these last 15lbs that I have been desperately trying to lose for over a year. I am so excited to hear your perspective! Thank you for doing this!

    • You’re so welcome, Kelly! I’m so excited about this series and I hope that you will be very encouraged and blessed. I’ll be dealing a lot with body image, as well as tons of practical tips, recipes and ideas. πŸ™‚

  7. Hypatia says:

    I am a skinny person who has always felt pressure to put on weight. But I can’t just put on weight, I have an incredibly fast metabolism. I could sit down every day and eat nothing but cheeseburgers and milkshakes and in vast quantities, and I wouldn’t gain any weight. People have always said “I wish I had that problem,” but you wouldn’t believe the rude and snide remarks I’ve gotten about my weight throughout my life. I’m really tired of people assuming that anyone that’s thin has starved themselves to get that way. Not that anyone has said anything like that here, I’m just adding to the conversation about what a healthy weight is. One person is healthy at a higher weight, another is healthy at a lower weight, and not all bodies gain and lose weight the same way. It’s the judgment of others that makes it difficult to bear, no matter where you land on the spectrum.

    • Hi Hypatia! I’m so glad you chimed in and shared your perspective! I’ve already written and scheduled a post for Monday (the 25th) that says exactly the same thing!!! People equate “healthy” with “skinny” but it just isn’t true. Some of us are healthiest when we’re “skinny” and some of us are healthiest when we weight a bit more. The cultural idea that everybody is healthiest at the same weight is so absurd and people can make such hurtful remarks on either side of the issue.

      When I was pregnant with my first baby, I had severe morning sickness. My hip bones and ribs were sticking out because I couldn’t keep hardly anything down for months. People would say such thoughtless things about how “lucky” I was not to be gaining weight from being pregnant. All I could think of was that I so desperately wanted to be able to keep nourishing food down for my growing baby. Anyway, I completely understand and can relate. I hope that I’ll be able to do well addressing all the different places we are all coming from. πŸ™‚

  8. Beth says:

    I am definitely interested in following this/ I struggle greatly with both image which starts the vicous cycle of staying on track to healty living. Healthy living does not come easily for me and now that I have a child I definitely want to get better at it so he does not struggle with it as he grows older. Thank you!

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