It’s Okay to Let Things Go

A new year is just around the corner and it’s time to slow down and think about where we are in life and what we might need to change. My husband and I like to spend the week between Christmas and the New Year evaluating where we’ve been and where we’re going. In 2016, there are a lot of things we’ll be letting go to make room for better things! Here are some thoughts we’ve been kicking around- hope they help you, too…


Do you hang on to things? Not just possessions, but also relationships, situations, habits, memories, goals, commitments and things like that? I do. That purse that I’ve used twice since I bought it 5 years ago? Saved it. That board book that my older daughter loved and my younger daughter tried to eat, which is now torn up and has obvious teeth marks? Saved it. That habit of staying up crazy late to get things done because hubby used to work late and I could get so much done after the kiddos were sleeping and before the hubby got home? Kept doing it well past the time when that was his schedule. The binder full of all the notes, samples, pictures and stuff from when I coordinated and decorated for my cousin’s wedding years ago? Taking up space in my bookshelf.

See where this is going? I have this thing, so I keep it. I’ve been doing that thing, so I keep on doing it. I was passionate about this thing at one point in time, so I should keep everything I have related to it… just in case. And because it would feel like a waste if I get rid of it. After all, it used to be valuable, or mean something, or be useful, or be beautiful, or it took so much of my time and energy… once upon a time. But wait. Why am I still giving it my time, energy, attention, space and thought NOW??

Do you have anything like that in your life? A pair of slippers that are falling to pieces, but you used to love? A long-term goal that was a great idea at the time but now just doesn’t fit with where you want to go? A commitment you’ve made that is now causing you to have to choose between it and more important things, like family or health?

Let. It. Go.

It’s okay. Really. Yes, there are some commitments (like marriage!) that you stick to “until death do you part.” There are some goals that are hard to reach and you just need to tough it out and be strong. But if it’s not a moral issue and your passions and goals are pointing you in a new and exciting direction, it’s okay to let go of some things you used to love. If you have things in your home that are taking up space because you feel guilty about getting rid of them, sell them or give them away. If they’re in too bad of shape to do either, appreciate the use you got out of them and throw them in the trash. If you made a commitment or got into a habit when your life was quite different, and now it’s draining you, don’t let it. Make a plan of attack and change things. Don’t keep spending all your energy, time, feelings and thoughts on things that are not the right things for you right now.

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