Laughing with Your Kids

These last two weeks have been exhausting while I’ve been taking care of my sick girls. It was my four-year-old’s fourth cold and my four-month-old’s first and it was an especially nasty one. It went straight to the chest and caused deep, phlegmy coughs day and night for almost a week before starting to taper off. My four-year-old had it especially bad since I mistakenly assumed it was just bad allergies for the first 48 hours. Usually I start herbal remedies right away and often we avoid getting sick, but by the time I started this time, the virus just had too strong a hold on her. All I could do was try to ease the symptoms.

Having a sick child is exhausting, but have two sick, one just four-months-old, left me beyond exhausted. I was emotionally drained, too. Watching such a little baby have to work so hard to get through a coughing fit just broke my heart! I was constantly on alert, ready to jump up and hold her up so she could cough more efficiently. Not fun.

The last couple of days have been quite a bit better and both girls are able to sleep without coughs waking them all night. But yesterday I realized that I had kind of gotten stuck in survival mode. Do you know what I mean? Have you seen those mamas who look like they could be the picture in the dictionary for the word “frazzled”? Have you been one of those mamas? I know I have, sometimes, and I think pretty much every mama can relate. I realized that I wasn’t smiling, I wasn’t engaging, I wasn’t enjoying my girls! I decided that it’s time to laugh!

It’s hard to resist a big, gummy grin from a baby, but I especially needed to focus on enjoying Pumpkin, my four-year-old. First, we colored together. We chatted about our pictures and just relaxed after all the stress of the last two weeks. When I was getting her ready for bed, we laughed and tickled and she pretended to be a turtle while I acted very impressed by a turtle that wore pajamas! 😉 This morning we’ve been chatting and joking. She helped get dinner in the crock pot (kids love to help!).

These weren’t big changes, but they were a big deal! Our kids need to know that we don’t just love them, we like them, too! Laughing with them while you do things together is one of the best ways to show that. Smiling at them and really listening to them means so much.

Have you laughed with your kids, today?

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8 thoughts on “Laughing with Your Kids

  1. YES. You are right, it is so easy to get stuck in survival mode. Looking UP and looking at them is so important, and then suddenly you find yourself DELIGHTING in them again (instead of just doing damage control!) and that makes the rest of the day go much more smoothly! Those moments truly are drops of grace!

    • Thanks for the comment, Christie! It really makes such a difference it the entire atmosphere of our home when I remember to slow down and have some fun. 🙂

  2. My girl is reading over my shoulder and laughing in my ear. Thanks for the reminder to both of us (in a busy day filled with quizzes, studies, and friends) that to laugh together is important.

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