Make Your Own Herbal Capsules

As I’m sure you’ve learned in my intro to herbal remedies post, we use a ton of natural remedies around here, so I decided early on that I would need to make our remedies as economical as possible. There are some times when we pay top dollar for the very best ready-made version of things, but usually we can save a lot of money if I buy the supplies and make my own. Filling my own capsules with powdered herbs or other natural remedies is one of the ways I am able to do that. I can get hundreds of capsules made sitting cross-legged on our living room floor while my hubby and I watch a movie in the evening.

When I first got started, I just bought a bag of empty capsules from the local health food store, poured the herbal powder into a bowl and filled each capsule individually. It took all evening to get just a couple dozen made. It also left my nails discolored and I got herbal powder all over the place. Before making capsules again, I ordered the right tool and it made such a difference! :-)

What You’ll Need

What To Do

  1. Assemble your capsule machine according to the package directions (you might have noticed that the machine I have is a bit different from the one available for sale at this time, so go with the instructions you get with your model).

    Top of the capsule on the left, bottom on the right.

  2. Open a capsule and put the long end in one of the machine’s holes. Put the short end (let’s call it the “top”) in a bowl.

    Fill the machine with the bottoms of the capsules.

  3. Once each of the holes are filled with the bottom part of each capsule, use a spoon to scoop some of your powder (in these photos, I’m using bentonite clay for my detox!) in the middle of the machine.
  4. Use something flat (I used an old Starbucks gift card- cleaned!) to spread the powder back and forth, closer and further. Repeat until the capsules are full.

    Spread the powder around to fill each capsule.

  5. Use the “tamper” to slowly and gently press the powder down. Please don’t do this quickly or the force of the air will actually cause finer powders to fly up out of the capsules. Ask me how I know this. ;-) Keep repeating the adding of powder and tamping down until the capsules are full.

    Tamp down the powder and repeat filling and tamping until capsules are full.

  6. With my model, I have to turn the end pieces around so that the piece holding the capsules slides down a tiny bit. That way I can put the lids on the capsules.

    Carefully put the lids on the capsules.

  7. Press the lids down one-by-one on each capsule until you feel them softly “click” into place.
  8. After all the lids are secure, you can lift up the piece holding the capsules and pop them out. Be sure to store them in an air-tight container.

    Here is one batch of capsules.

    Although it may appear to be a lot of steps, it isn’t something that requires your full attention and it really doesn’t take very long. For the amazing savings I get by making my own capsules (often for only 20-30% of the price I would pay for ready-made at my local health food store!) it is worth that little bit of time.

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Do you make your own capsules? Would you be more inclined to use herbs if you could make affordable capsules yourself?

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