Making This Year Better! (Happy 2013!)

Happy New Year, sweet readers! I’m so thrilled to welcome in the new year with such a wonderful community made up of people like you! 🙂

It always amazes me to look back at the end of a year and see how much we have been blessed and how much we have learned! If you were with me a year ago, you know that we don’t really do “resolutions” on the new year. We have our own unique version that we call “re-evaluations” and it works beautifully for us. With our life being so different from a year ago (new state, new job for hubby, etc) we are very eager to re-evaluate and make some changes!

I’d like to invite you to join us in re-evaluating and consider some areas you’d like to see changing this year! Rather than setting goals and making resolutions, read my post about re-evaluating and changing direction. Think about the categories listed in that post (relationships, health, emotions, home life, money, hobbies, ministries, routines, etc) and write down your thoughts on each one. What are your biggest challenges or areas that need improvement? What have you always wished were different?

All this week I will be posting ideas for direction changes in different areas of our lives. Some of these I’ve done and stuck with, some I am going to be adding in this year. I will be asking you to contribute your ideas in the comments of each post and/or on Facebook, so start brain-storming!

In what area of life would you really like some ideas for a direction change? Emotions? Healthy living? Relationships? Organization?

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