November Blog-Share: Daily Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!! I hope you all have a very blessed day with your loved ones and that you are overwhelmed with gratitude for all of the ways God has blessed you!! These next several days I’ll be sharing thoughts on thankfulness written by some of my bloggy friends. I hope you are encouraged by their words! 🙂

It is so important to remember to give thanks to God every single day! With my husband’s job loss, this is something that we will be focusing on long after the day called “Thanksgiving” is over. Sara at Your Thriving Family talks about changing our outlook through thankfulness.

“As it is so easy to become focused on wanted possessions or things we want changed in our lives, a little quiet reflection on those things we already have can drastically change our outlook on life…”

Read the rest of Sara’s post over at Your Thriving Family!



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