Organizing the Bathroom

One of my organizational projects that has stood the test of time is the way I organized under our bathroom sink.

The last straw was when I reached for something way in the back and caused an avalanche of supplies for shoe polishing, hair cutting, first aid and several other things. Grrrr…. There HAD to be a better way than just lining things up and hoping that they would somehow stay that way. I was keeping my eyes open for some way to contain the craziness. That’s when I found these awesome little bins at a discount store! Fifteen dollars later, I went home and emptied the cabinet.

First, I tossed anything that was outdated or just never got used. Then I put away anything that really didn’t live under the cabinet into it’s proper home. I evaluated what I was left with and decided to make piles… all over the floor. 🙂 It was a bit overwhelming, at first, but then order started to come from the chaos. Here’s what I ended up with.

Shoe Polishing & First Aid Kit
First Aid & Nails (Hair & Jewelry in Lower Baskets)
Cotton Balls, Q-Tips and Paper Cups
Cleaning Kit

Now, instead of a confusing jumble, the bins keep like items with like. Everything is easy to access and I know exactly what I have.

*Happy my-bathroom-is-organized sigh!* 😉


How do you keep the clutter from taking over your bathroom?

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