Organizing the Pantry

For most of us, there are some places in the house that just seem to always be a bit of a mess. For me, one of those places is the pantry. Items are constantly being removed and replaced. Foods are often packaged in inconvenient ways (especially if you’re a real foodie and buy things in bulk!). Sometimes, there just isn’t room for everything… at least, it seems that way!

I decided that it was time to tackle our pantry and I’m so glad I did! It has turned out to be more user-friendly and even pretty. 🙂

Here is the “before” photo…

…and here is the “after” photo…

How beautiful is that?! We can easily find and access whatever we are looking for, not to mention KNOW what is in there! Jars can be stacked, if that would work better in the space that you have. The jars made a huge difference, and you’ll get to learn more about those on Friday. 😉

As you can see, we also contained the plastic wrap, ziplocs and similar items in some slide-out shelf baskets that we already had but weren’t using. The smallest and most awkward items, like chocolate and gum, were put in this cute little silverware basket that has built-in dividers, which was also just sitting around unused. Perfect! There is now plenty of room and everything is easy to find. There is actually quite a bit of extra space on the top shelf for things we have occasionally, like homemade cookies.

In case you’re wondering, the liquor bottle on the left side of the middle shelf is our homemade vanilla. We keep it in the pantry so that whenever we are getting something out, it reminds us to give the bottle a little shake. The vanilla gets done “making” much more quickly that way! The jar on the top shelf is vinegar that I’m infusing with herbs for a project. We shake it as often as possible, too.

Be sure to check out “Fun Things Friday” this week to get a closer look at the jars!

What are your favorite organization tricks for the pantry?

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6 thoughts on “Organizing the Pantry

  1. Oooo!
    I LOVE an organized cabinet – that’s what I was doing Tuesday when labor started! Since we have been buying less processed foods I have noticed more space in our cabinets, one more plus to REAL food.

    • Too funny, Sara! Sounds like a good nesting project to me! We’ve had a lot more space, too, without all of that junk food cluttering things up.

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