Outdoor Toys to Inspire Exploration and Adventure

With all the focus on electronic gadgets, gismos and games, I wanted to offer some alternatives. Yes, a few high-tech items can be great, but most children’s toys ought to encourage our kiddos to be kids! I’m doing a series with several categories and most of the items are good for a wide range of ages. The lists aren’t exhaustive, by any means, but I hope they will inspire us all to search for those gems out there that will get our kiddos active and creative! Be sure to check out the other posts in the series as they are posted. 🙂

Besides bikes, play-sets and sports equipment, what are some other fun outdoor toys? Here are a few of our favorites!

Gardening Tools

My girls spend hours outside digging in the dirt, “planting” things and searching for treasures. When we have a garden (which will happen as soon as it thaws in the spring!!!), they will use their gardening tools to help. Right now, they have very cheap plastic ones. We’ll be watching for a deal on sturdy metal and wood ones, like these!

By the way, in the winter, these can be used for digging in the snow. We have also taken our small gardening tools for the girls to dig in the sand when we go to the lake to swim.

Outdoor Explorer’s Kit

There are “explorer” kits for all ages and interests! Look for different themes:

This is a great way to get kids outside when they are less than thrilled about the TV being turned off. 😉

Bug Houses

I remember catching lady bugs and grass hoppers to study. My brother was more adventurous and caught even more interesting critters. Being able to watch them up close for a little while was fascinating!

Outdoor Toy Tent

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