REAL Foods Defined and T-Tapp Week One Update

To learn about my personal fitness challenge, check out last Monday’s post here.

I have T-Tapped every day for 7 days and will now be moving to the next phase, which is every other day for two to three weeks. Last week, I posted my measurements, weight and energy level as the starting point. Here’s the difference after just one week of T-Tapping for less than 20 minutes a day.

Right arm: 11 inches

Left arm: 11 inches

Bust: 35 inches

Ribs: 29.5 inches (lost 1/2 inch)

Waste: 28.5 inches (lost 1/2 inch)

Belly (3 inches below belly button): 34.5 inches (lost 1/2 inch)

Hips: 39.5 inches (lost 1/2 inch)

Upper right thigh: 22.5 inches (lost 1/2 inch)

Upper left thigh: 22.5 inches (lost 1/2 inch)

Lower right thigh: 16 inches

Lower left thigh: 16 inches

Right calf: 14 inches

Left calf: 14 inches

Weight: 145lbs (lost 3 pounds)

Energy level (on a scale of 1 to 10): 6 (up one point- just after working out, my energy level is around 8 for a couple of hours! 🙂 )

My Diet

I’d like to add that I am not dieting in any way. This is a fitness challenge, not a weight-loss challenge. Yes, I will lose fat and gain muscle, but my real goal is to be healthier and have more energy. My baby is breastfeeding and I am not willing to skimp on plenty of healthy fats and nutritious foods in an effort to be “thin”. She needs for me to eat good foods and so do I. If you aren’t familiar with REAL foods, let me give you a basic idea of what I’m eating.

So What Is REAL Food?

REAL foods means NO processed, fake stuff. No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. No genetically modified ingredients. Nothing I can’t pronounce and identify. Rice cakes, artificial sweeteners, diet sodas, unsaturated cooking oils… you might expect a woman to be buying these in bulk to help get rid of the “baby fat”. Not me. Those aren’t food. Here’s what I eat:

  • pastured/free range beef, chicken, pork and eggs
  • raw, whole milk, fresh from the farm, often cultured into kefir for smoothies
  • plenty of butter from grass-fed cows (cows aren’t meant to eat GMO soybeans and corn)
  • fresh and frozen organic produce (I buy organic as often as possible)
  • organic sprouted-grain bread or sourdough bread made fresh at a local store, or homemade bread from freshly ground organic flour
  • full-fat cheeses (raw and organic, when possible)
  • lots of coconut products (shredded coconut and coconut oil most days. Coconut oil is amazing stuff!)
  • natural sweeteners (rapadura/sucanat, organic grade B maple syrup, raw local honey)
  • Celtic sea salt (never bleached and processed salt with chemical additives)

Basically, if it was considered a food a few hundred years ago, it is probably something God intended for us to eat (assuming it is still made the way it was back then).

Oils and Fats

For example, olive oil should only be consumed if it is cold-pressed. They’ve been doing it that way for thousands of years. (If it doesn’t say “first cold pressing” it has chemicals in it. Don’t buy it.) Soybean oil, on the other hand, is almost always from genetically modified soybeans and is almost always chemically extracted rather than cold-pressed. Not very “real”, is it? Canola oil is worse. Pop quiz: What plant does canola oil come from? Anybody? It comes from the rapeseed plant. They use the seeds to get oil. Here’s the big problem… rapeseed is POISONOUS. God had no intention for us to eat it. So… we genetically modified it in the 1970’s so that it won’t kill us to eat the oil from the seeds. At least, not right away. Crazy, isn’t it?! There are suspicions arising about a link between canola oil and auto-immune diseases.


Freshly ground flour for fresh baked bread and fermented/sourdough bread has been used for thousands of years. Bread that is full of preservatives so that it can sit on the shelf for long periods of time (and was made from flour that was ground who knows how long ago!) is a new thing. Many grains are genetically modified, so buying organic is worth the extra money.


High fructose corn syrup (which, by the way, often has mercury in it!!) is made by taking corn, removing the starch and putting the starch through a bunch of processes to create a super-sweet syrup. There are no minerals, there is no nutritional value… it is an isolated and altered part of a whole food. Dehydrated cane juice (rapadura/sucanat) is simply that. The sugar cane juice with the water evaporated. It has the original minerals and has not been altered chemically from it’s original form. Same with organic grade B maple syrup. The maple sap is put in an evaporator to boil out the water, then it’s put through a filter to remove any solid pieces and it’s bottled. It retains all of the wonderful minerals. The minerals are important for our bodies to be able to digest the sugar properly. I could write an entire post on how amazing raw honey is… in fact, I think I will. For now, just know that it is a wonderful choice for sweetening. Just don’t heat it too much or you’ll destroy some of the good things in it!

Can you see the difference, now? We Americans have been brainwashed to believe that the things God gave us to eat are bad, so we should give our money to the companies who create fake food. Genetically modified food, hydrogenated oils, artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, artificial colors, artificial preservatives… artificial food. I’ll stick with the food provided for us by the One who created us. He has a much better idea of what we need to eat to be healthy than our government or some CEO trying to get into our pockets.

I’ll be starting a series to go more indepth into what REAL food is, soon. If you have any questions or topics you’d like me to cover, please leave a comment here or on my Facebook page.

Do you eat REAL foods, or is this all new to you?


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