Renew Your Health Challenge

I am sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. Is anybody else out there on the same page? Have you had a health crisis or even just little problems that built up and left you feeling less than healthy? Here’s my story…

What Got Me To This Point

I used to feel healthy and strong. I’ve never been athletic and I’ve always loved to sleep in, but I could spend hours and hours actively doing things I loved. Then, one day my hubby and I came down with a virus. The doctor told the nurse to tell us that our over-the-phone description was a classic case of “mono”. He said (to tell the nurse to tell us) not to bother coming in. Just rest for a couple of weeks and we should be back to normal within six weeks. It’s been seven years. We still don’t feel “normal”. After the first two mind-numbing weeks of utter exhaustion, we did improve. Very slowly. By six weeks we were functional, but not healthy. Over the next year, we improved more and finally just assumed that that was as good as it was going to get. We *can* do things and we do, but we are never “energetic” like we were before that virus. Our tonsils are still swollen and sometimes the other glands in our throats swell, too. We both still take quite a few breaks during activities and that tired feeling never goes away. But, life goes on, so we do, too.

Until three years ago. My first daughter was almost 1 1/2 years and I was TIRED. I’m talking dragging-my-feet, don’t-want-to-do-anything tired. It got worse and worse. Eventually, I would have to take a few breaks on the way up the stairs and even then I was short of breath. My muscles and joints ached. I couldn’t even lift my baby girl. My heart began skipping beats. The doctor tested me for everything from lupus to heart disease. EVERYTHING came back normal. I had a “benign” arrhythmia (code for “we don’t know what’s causing it and we don’t think it’s dangerous”) and what appeared to be some kind of auto-immune disorder, but nothing they could diagnose. A few weeks later, I had a toothache. It was a tooth that had had a cavity filled when I was little, then the filling was replaced by some crazy woman masquerading as a dentist. Turns out, she hadn’t done a very good job and I had a severely abscessed tooth. My new dentist took an x-ray and we could clearly seen bone loss in my jaw from infection. I had a root canal and a dose of serious antibiotics (not necessarily the route I’d take now, but that’s what we did) and I slowly began to recover. But still only to that point of functioning. Still with swollen glands and now with occasional arrhythmia when I get really exhausted. Never feeling completely healthy and never energetic.

A lightbulb went on for me when I read a post called, “Do Healthy Kids Get Sick” by Heather at

“Chronic symptoms of β€œfeeling bad” and fatigue without periods of acute illness, on the other hand, are signs of low-grade toxicity in the body…”

That’s me, Miss Low-grade-toxicity!

Why Am I Telling You This?

What you just read is not a complaint, it’s my story. I’ve shared my story so that those of you who are going through health problems know that you’re not alone. I’ve been there. In some ways, I still am there. I know it can be so discouraging and exhausting to have to drag yourself around when you so desperately want to have tons of energy for your family.

I have decided to stop being discouraged, and I want to encourage you to join me! If your health isn’t as good as it can be, are you ready to make some changes and learn some new ways to take better care of yourself? I know that there are no guarantees that all of us can have near-perfect health, but I want to as healthy as I can be. And I want you to be as healthy as you can be, too.

Excited as I am, it’s important that I (we) keep everything balanced. We don’t want to make our health into an idol, or allow other important things to be neglected. This isn’t about having a perfect body or perfect health, but about being healthier for a reason. The reason is others. God, our families, our friends… I know that I would love to be able to run around and chase my four-year-old at the park. Or carry my baby around while I’m cooking and cleaning without getting exhausted within a few minutes. My hubby and I would both love to have the energy to go hiking and do other active things together.

What I’m Going To DO About It

It’s time to make some changes. We have already made the switch from processed food to real, nutrient-dense foods. I also know that when I consistently exercise with T-Tapp, I feel better (not well, but better) because of how well the exercises move the lymph through my body. I have been learning a ton over the last few years about herbal remedies for acute illnesses (such as ear infections and mastitis).

Now, I’m going to build on all of those good things. Every month, we (my hubby and I , and our children when appropriate) will be adding at least one new thing into our lives that promotes health. Some things will be habits (sleep and exercise), some will be herbal (detox and nutrients), some will be nutritional (new foods to incorporate) and some will be miscellaneous things we learn about and want to try. We’ll continue each addition for as long as needed, sometimes temporarily, sometimes permanently. This will not be a quick fix. We are in this for the long haul and we hope that many of you will join us in some or all of these changes we’re making! I’ll try to post our plans for each month about a week before, so that you have time to make your own plans and purchases, if you’d like to follow along. πŸ™‚

Your turn! Do you have any chronic health problems you’d like to work on improving?

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6 thoughts on “Renew Your Health Challenge

  1. Nishoni L Harvey says:

    Yes! Chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, hypoglaucemia, I get sick every time I eat, Elhers Danlos 3, anxiety, and asthma.

  2. Wow! Do you think the mono was the factor that sent things over the edge? I had mono back in early 2000. My tonsils were constantly swollen, too – and I eventually had them out because I could not get well. I went from cold to flu, to cold…never ending (I worked in a daycare at the time – so that didn’t help!).

    3 years ago I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue – after having 2 miscarriages. I did go on to have 2 babies (now 2 1/2 and 9 months).

    To say I am fatigued is wildly understating it. I keep chalking it up to sleepless nights (yes – still), pregnancies, mom of a toddler and infant…but I’d love to function again.

    I have begun exercising (30-Day Shred) and eating healthier (less carbs, a lot less sugar, and more veggies).

    But I’m with you here. I’m your new follower! Blessings from Croatia: A Little R & R:

    • I just took a few minutes to explore your blog and I can’t wait to get to know you better! It looks like we have a lot in common. πŸ™‚

      Yes, the mono (if that’s what it really was) took us very suddenly from energetic and healthy to exhausted and often sick with whatever viruses were going around. We’ve been a lot less likely to catch colds and stomach viruses since we switched from processed to real food in Jan 2011, but that nagging fatigue just hangs on. We are both so creative and we have so much we want to do and be involved in, but once the absolute necessities get done we’re too exhausted to do anything active.

      Good for you, for making healthy changes! I hope that it makes a difference in your energy levels. This morning I posted about our plans for August (detox- breastfeeding safe, since I’m nursing our youngest), so be sure to take a look and see if there’s anything there that might help you. πŸ™‚

      Thanks so much for the comment.

    • It sure is! I know that other people have similar experiences with things like Lyme’s disease causing chronic health problems, so I’m hoping to inspire everybody to take a few steps to better their health. It’s a long journey, but we are so excited about it! Thanks so much for commenting. πŸ™‚

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