Real Food for Babies

Modern American tradition is to start a baby with the first food of rice cereal. Then it’s followed with vegetables, fruit and eventually meat and dairy. There is little fat, at first, and no salt. Sound familiar? That’s what we did with our eldest, but not with this baby!

Since learning about how amazing real food is, we’ve been revamping our baby-food plans! We certainly don’t want to be feeding Babykins highly processed “food” when we could be giving her fresh, nutrient-dense foods! The other change we’re making (as you can see in the picture above), is that we’re dabbling in Baby-Led Solids (aka “Infant-Led Weaning”), but that’s another post.

What Baby Needs

A baby’s body is designed to digest fat and protein, for the most part. Let’s look at some of the components of breast-milk and a baby’s nutritional needs.

Fat: Breastmilk is full of saturated […]

Teaching Baby to Play Happily

If you’re a first-time mom, you might be wondering how on earth you’re ever going to get anything done. You try to put the baby down to play so you can wash dishes or fold laundry, but you have to scoop her right back up again because she falls to pieces whenever she isn’t held. Yes, you can use a baby carrier part of the time (we have one!), but some things just need to be done without your little one attached to you. As with our first baby, we’ve taught our five-month-old to play happily on the floor, instead of screaming to be picked up. We can even walk in and out of the room without sparking a meltdown (unless she needs a diaper change). A couple of weeks ago, she would cry to be picked up. Not anymore! 🙂

Hold Her When She’s Happy!

Here’s the basic idea: […]